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Which Wobbel board balance board should I choose?

Which Wobbel Board should I choose?

This guide will help you to choose your perfect Wobbel Board

Wobbel Board Australia 

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"Wobbel Original? Wobbel360? Wobbel with felt or without? Wool felt or pressed felt? What's the difference? I am already struggling with the colour of the board and the felt. Can you please help us finding the right Wobbel Board for my children?"

Yes, we would love to!

At Oskar's Wooden Ark we will soon stock 45 different Wobbel Board combinations. We thought it is about time to make the process of picking the right Wobbel Board for you as easy as possible.

Wobbel Board - What is it and what can you do with it?

Most toys speak, ours listen. Open ended toys. Adults wonder what you’re supposed to do with them. The secret is that it’s an invitation. By surrounding your child with these inviting materials, you allow their own inner world to start growing. Imagining, combining, moving, playing together. They experience their own creative power. And that, exactly that, is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

The Wobbel. It works. It's an invitation to your child to get moving. But it's also so much more than a balancing board. The Wobbel is a swing, a bridge, a shop, a cabin, a stepping stone, a racetrack, a lounge chair, fitness equipment, a puppet, a small football goal, or at the back of an elephant? Resting, sitting, rocking, climbing or playing. Wobbeling is whatever your child thinks it is. And that may be something different tomorrow than it is today. Modern toys often play for your child. Batteries, levels, noises. But your child needs so much experience in real life in order to grow. Wobbel invites that growth. With sustainable products, and in a beautiful form. To enjoy today, or to pass on years later.

Wobbel Board Australia

Which Wobbel Board should I choose - short version

1. Hard Flooring (Wood or Tiles) = choose a (colored) Wobbel Original with wool felt or pressed felt 
2. Soft Flooring (Carpet or Rug) = choose a (colored or bambooWobbel Original without felt
3. Hard & Soft Flooring (Wood or Tiles AND Carpet or Rug) = choose a (colored) Wobbel Original with wool felt or pressed felt 

The color of your Wobbel Board or the color of the felt is something that makes your Wobbel Board individual - it is a great design element.

Click to see all Wobbel Boards (free shipping for all Wobbel Original within Australia - excluding rural areas)

Wobbel Board Australia

Which Wobbel Board should I choose - long version

1. Wobbel Original 
How do I choose the right one and the look my child will love the most?

Most of our customers choose a Wobbel Board with felt. Their house has areas with hard flooring (wood or tiles) and some areas with soft flooring (carpet or rug). To answer the first question, yes, a Wobbel Board with felt can be used on carpet or a rug. Generally, the felt base will not only protect your Wobbel Board it will also protect your floors and dampen the sound. It's also soft and invites further play on the Wobbel. The Wobbel Board is often used in combination with other toys like Grimm's, Ostheimer or WaytoPlay. 

What is the difference between wool felt and pressed felt?
The Wobbel Pro with pressed felt is the twin sister of the Wobbel Original with wool felt. The only difference: The Wobbel Pro has no wool felt but recycled pressed felt on the bottom. The pressed felt mainly consists of recycled PET bottles and makes is suitable for intensive use. It is a vegan option and also recommended for everybody who has dogs at home that shed a lot as its easier to clean.

The first and most important decision you have to make:
Decide between a Wobbel Original without felt or a Wobbel Original with felt:

1. Wobbel Board options at Oskar's Wooden Ark without felt:
Wobbel Board Original Lacquered
+ Wobbel Board Original Painted 
+ Wobbel Board Original Bamboo

2.1 Wobbel Board options at Oskar's Wooden Ark with wool felt:
Wobbel Original with felt 
Wobbel Original Painted with felt
Wobbel Original White with felt
Wobbel Original Bamboo with felt

2.2 Wobbel Board options at Oskar's Wooden Ark with pressed felt:
+ Wobbel Pro with pressed felt 

Wobbel Board Australia


2. The Wobbel which spins: the Wobbel360

The Wobbel 360 is unique. Because of its slight concave shape it 'Wobbels' fluently, but is also very suitable for a lot of fun, balance, sitting, ball games and of course a lot of spinning! It invites us to practice balancing, walking along the edge, or rocking on it together. If you apply some power, the Wobbel360 walks with you. We also saw a lot of play in which children discovered the laws of physics. With little cars or balls. Turning, rocking, moving. For the moms and dads: you can use it to stretch and loosen your lower back, and there's a lot of interest in working while standing on it. You never stand completely still on it, so it allows you to move and work behind a standing desk. 

Wobbel360 options at Oskar's Wooden Ark with felt only:
Wobbel360 with pressed Felt Mouse Grey or Dark Grey

Wobbel360 Australia

Click to see all Wobbel Boards (free shipping for all Wobbel Original within Australia - excluding rural areas)

More frequently asked questions:

1. Can my Wobbel Board still be used as a slide when I choose it with felt? 
Don't worry. It slides beautifully and in fact a little more gracefully than when sliding without felt.

2. For what ages is my Wobbel Board appropriate? 
The Wobbel is a toy that grows with the age of the child and is also very suitable for adults (it holds up to 200 kg easily). Toddlers play it differently than young teenagers and adults. Adults can do some very good exercises to do to help improve balance, strengthen the core and to remain flexible. A Wobbel Board is recommended from age 0 - 99.

3. Can I use my Wobbel Board outside? 
The Wobbel is designed for indoor use. Outdoor play is possible, but you should be aware that it will get scratches or dents more easily as the surfaces outside is more likely uneven - use it on grass but keep in mind that the felt can get dirty outside. When using outside we recommend to use it on a mat or rug.

Wobbel Board Australia

4. Why does a Wobbel cost what it costs? 
Wobbel has not compromised on quality and only uses the best materials. Producing a Wobbel is a complex process that Wobbel sourced from the best wood bending factory in Europe. The Wobbel is made of pressed sustainable European beech wood, treated with water based paints and varnishes. The EKO wool felt is a natural product. Therefore it is such a beautiful product, it's very durable and can be passed on to other kids or sold second hand. 

If you still have any questions about your Wobbel Board please contact us or join our Facebook group 'The Wooden Ark Family' - a place where we all have one thing in common - the love for wooden toys. Lots of members with Wobbel Boards that will try to help and answer your questions. You will also find answers and dates when we restock our Wobbel Boards in case your favorite Wobbel Board is sold out at the moment.

The Wooden Ark Family

We hope this guide makes the choice for your Wobbel Board a bit more easier. At Oskar's Wooden Ark we stock a large variety of different Wobbel Boards and we would love to be able to provide a Wobbel Board for your needs.
Thank you for supporting our family business.

Click to see all Wobbel Boards (free shipping for all Wobbel Original within Australia - excluding rural areas)

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