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Get $10 OFF when you subscribe to our mailing list
Homeschool Accounts, Support and online Discounts for Australian Homeschooling Families at Oskar's Wooden Ark Australia

Discounted Home School Supplies

Oskar's Wooden Ark supports Australian Registered Home School families with the provision of high quality Educational, Art and Craft products.

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an activation link for access to home school pricing and discounts across our website.

More Details about your Home School Discount Account

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Supporting your Home School Journey

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TFJ-5150 From Jennifer School Calendar Maple

Terms and Features of your Home School Discount

  1. Your Home Discount Code will be eligible on ALL products store-wide*
  2. You can combine other great specials and offers active at Oskar's Wooden Ark on the same order as your Home School purchases*
  3. After your application has been approved, to use your Home School Discount, you will need to enter the discount code you are supplied with during checkout, for each new order. This Discount Code is locked to the email you supplied at application time#
  4. Your Home School Discount will be valid for the year in which we issue it. We will ask for a renewal in the first quarter of each year.
  5. A Home School Discount is linked to the email address applied through. Unsubscribing from the Oskar's Wooden Ark email list may forfeit your Home School Discount.

* If a product you are purchasing is eligible for another offer on top of your Home School Discount, the offer giving you the greatest discount will be automatically applied. Two offers will not be combined on the same product, but multiple offers can apply to different products within an order.

# Your Home School Discounted prices will only show AFTER you have keyed your supplied discount code at checkout. If you place an order and have forgotten to enter your code, regretfully your discount cannot be applied retrospectively.