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Launch: ERZI Wooden Playfood this Friday, 22th November
Launch: ERZI Wooden Playfood this Friday, 22th November

Payment Methods & Lay-by

At Oskar's Wooden Ark we offer many payment options for your convenience:

We accept all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, American Express. In Addition to that you will be able to purchase your items through PayPal Express Checkout, ApplePay or GooglePay.

We got asked several times before our shop opening and we were happy to say: Yes, we are offering AfterPay as a beloved and proven payment option. 
There are no fees or charges for you as our customer when purchasing through Afterpay and the option allows you to purchase your order and have it delivered immediately while you pay it off over fortnightly instalments. 

How does AfterPay work?
Afterpay is fully integrated with Oskar's Wooden Ark online checkout. All you need to do is choose Afterpay as your payment option when you’re ready to buy. Afterpay splits your payments over four equal instalments due every fortnight. Nominate the card you want to use and automatic payments are scheduled for you. For complete information about how the Afterpay service works, please visit

Laybuy at Oskar's Wooden Ark

17.06.2018 - Introducing Layby at Oskar's Wooden Ark
Let us introduce a new way that makes it more comfortable to afford some of our wonderful toys. Spread the cost for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations by reserving your items now as long as they are available and paying the balance off in weekly, fort-nightly or monthly rates whatever you prefer or whenever you can afford it over a maximum of 4 months. 20% of your order is due immediately and you must have paid your final balance within 4 months after the date of your order.

Here are the terms for LayBy at Oskar’s Wooden Ark:
1. Layby applies to all full-priced items listed on the website.
2. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is due immediately. The 20% deposit is per item and applies to any cancellation of a product. Returns from a LAYBY order will be considered as cancellations which will be subjected to the non-refundable deposit. Paying off a LAYBY and then ask for return will also be considered as cancellations which will be subjected to the non-refundable deposit. Please also have a look at our standard T&C, Return Policy, Shipping & Delivery Policy.
3. Use the code "LAYBY" during checkout which will reduce the cart total to a 20% deposit. 
4. A PayPal invoice will then be created for you (please bare with us - this can take up to 3 days), which you will be able to access and pay in installments. You can choose how much and how often you want to split the repayments. If the whole amount of the order qualifies for free shipping but due to the 20% deposit the shipping cost will be charged they will be reduced on your invoice send to you manually.
5. The price at the time of your order is final. No further discounts may be applied. 
6. Your balance is payable within 4 months of the date of your order.
7. Payment must be made in full before items will be shipped. Please contact us with your order number when your balance has been paid to let us know.
8. All goods will be dispatched when the invoice is paid in full. Partial dispatch is not available even if the partial order would qualify for free shipping. It is also not possible to make any changes to an existing LAYBY for example swapping items with other ones or removing items.
9. Please note that Layby is only available for orders worth at least 150 AUD which will result in an instant payment of 30 AUD.
10. You can add to your existing Layby order by placing another order using the same code. We will send you an updated PayPal Invoice. Please note, that the due date (4 months from the time the first order was placed) will not change.

Any questions? Please contact us. We are here and happy to help.

LAYBY pause from 25th November until Christmas

Please note that we will pause our LAYBY service (only for new orders) between 25th November and Christmas as we need to operate as efficient as possible between the most busy time of the year. The code LAYBY for new orders will not work during this time (this includes our last Grimm's restock and all other restocks during this time).

LAYBY changes after Christmas

The minimum order amount for LAYBY orders will increase from 150 AUD to 200 AUD which will result in an instant payment of 40 AUD (20% deposit).