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Welcome to Oskar's Wooden Ark - where magic awaits!

Simon with his Ostheimer Wooden Toys collection - circa 1988

Our Story

"Since I can remember, I have been passionate about handmade wooden toys."

Hi, I'm Simon. I was born in the 1980’s in Germany, and thanks to my parents I enjoyed a childhood filled with magical open-ended play. The magic of those early play days has stayed with me throughout my life, and when Thuy and I got married and started a family, I was excited to have the opportunity to share a piece of that magic with my own kids.

But why stop there? 

Our first son, Oskar was born in 2017, and with him an idea...

In December 2017, we said goodbye to our family and friends in Germany and moved to Australia, ready for a new adventure. We took only ten boxes with us, and one of those boxes was filled with my private collection of Ostheimer and Grimm’s wooden toys. We opened the doors of Oskar’s Wooden Ark and began working on our dream to share the magic of quality toys and imaginative play with families all over Australia.

Thuy and Simon with Klara and Oskar
Simon, Oskar, Klara and Thuy

What a journey it has been! Over the years, our family has grown, our team at Oskar’s Wooden Ark has grown, our warehouse has grown, and we continue to find joy every day in fulfilling our mission:

To inspire parents and children to play, learn, explore, create, and make memories together.

Thank you to you, our "WUNDERBAR" customers, for jumping on board the Ark with us, for supporting our passion, and for helping us sail to where we are today. Here's to the journey still ahead of us, to the magic of childhood and to days filled with PLAY!

Behind the Brand - Our Values

We believe that play matters!

Play matters!

We believe in the power of play to support children's learning and development. Using open-ended toys and materials, children are encouraged to play imaginatively and independently - learning through discovery.

We are a toy store that cares about people and our environment

We care about people and our environment

Every brand and product we sell is carefully considered, not only in terms of play and learning potential, but in terms of ethics and environmental impact. Wherever possible, we choose products made from natural materials that celebrate highly-skilled, independent toy makers. We believe that when choosing toys and resources for your children, it's about quality over quantity. It's about toys that grow with your child, support their development and remain within the family for generations.

We believe that play comes naturally to children

Play comes naturally

Children are naturally curious. It is through play that they learn to make sense of the world around them. We believe that given an environment rich in interest and challenge, children will play and learn. At Oskar's Wooden Ark, we have selected a wonderful variety of products to encourage our children's natural instinct to play, learn, explore and create, with a focus on supporting all areas of their development. In addition, we are passionate about getting children outdoors, exploring the natural world, testing their limits and finding joy in the simplest of pursuits.

We believe in play for all age groups

Play for ALL!

We believe that you are never too old to play. Play provides the space to be creative, be in the moment, connect with the ones we love and make memories to last a lifetime. So, what are you waiting for?

Meet the Dream Team behind Oskar's Wooden Ark

Meet the Oskar's Wooden Ark team