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Grimm's are back in stock
Grimm's are back in stock

OWA Shipment Forecast 2022

The following stock updates are as accurate as possible. Generally, we recommend to make use of our back in stock notification in each product description to receive a free email or sms as soon items become available. 

OWA shipment forecast 2022:

Bajo - October

Beck - now available

Bikeho - now available

Brio - now available

Clicques - now available

Corvus - Kids at work - now available

Debresk - now available 

Drei Blaetter - now available

Drewart next restock only 2022

Dynamiko - now available

Erzi Late April 

Fagus - next restock only 2022

Flockmen - now available

Glueckskaefer - now available

Goldon - now available

Grapat - now available

Graupner now available

Grimms - 9th November 2021 9.30 AM Adelaide time

Gruenspecht - now available

Just Blocks - now available

Kaden Marble Runs - now available

Kaethe Kruse next restock only 2022

Kapla - now available 

Kitpas - now available

Kontu STEM Blocks - now available

Learn & Grow Toys - now available

Lubulona - now available

Lyra - now available

Mader Spinning Tops next restock March / April 2022

Magic Wood - now available

Maileg - now available

Matador - now available

Moov Baby - now available

Nanchen Natur - now available

Olli Ella - now available

Ostheimer - no ETA

Predan no ETA

Regenbogenland now available

Sarah's Silks - now available

Schoellner restock mid February 2022

Senger Naturwelt now available

Sow 'n Sow - now available

Stockmar - now available 

SumBlox - now available

Treasures From Jennifer - now available

VAHrestock mid February 2022

Verneuer - now available

Walachia - now available

Waldorf Family - now available

WayToPlay - now available

Weizenkorn - now available

Wishbone - now available

Wobbel - now available

Xyloba - now available 

If you have more detailed questions about restocks and updates we invite you to join our Facebook group 'The Wooden Ark Family' and ask your question there.