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OWA Shipment Forecast

The following stock updates are as accurate as possible. Generally, we recommend to make use of our back in stock notification in each product description to receive a free email or sms as soon items become available. 

OWA shipment forecast:

Bajo - now available

Beck - now available 

Bikeho - now available

Corvus - Kids at work now available

Debresk - now available 

Drei Blaetter - now available

Dynamiko - now available

Erzi now available

Flockmen - now available

Gluckskafer - mid May 2024

Goldon - now available

Graupner - now available

Grimms - June 2024

Grunspecht - now available

Kaden Marble Runs - now available

Kapla - now available 

Kitpas - now available

Lyra - now available - restocked monthly

Mader Spinning Tops - October 2024

Maileg - restocked monthly

Matador - April 2024

Nanchen Natur - now available

NIC Toys - mid May 2024

Olli Ellarestocked monthly

Predan - now available

Regenbogenland June 2024

Sarah's Silks - restocked monthly

Schoellner now available

Senger Naturwelt - August 2024

Stockmar - now available 

SumBlox - now available

Treasures From Jennifer - now available, restocked frequently

VAH - restocked April 2024

Verneuer - now available

Waldorf Family - now available

Walter Toys - mid May 2024

Weizenkorn - now available

Wishbone - now available

Wobbel - now available

Brand not listed? Updates to our Product Range

At Oskar’s Wooden Ark we are proud to represent some of the very best independent toy makers in the world, as well as a wide range of high quality educational, art, and craft products that support creativity, learning and imagination.

Every brand and product that we sell is carefully considered. We are committed to quality, diversity and sustainability in our range, never losing sight of our environmental, ethical, and social responsibility.

With this, comes a commitment to constantly review our offering, based both on our customers’ experience and our business values - regularly adding new products and sometimes bidding a fond farewell to others. Learn more about updates to our product range >

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