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We expect our next Glueckskaefer shipment to arrive in April / May 2019.

Glueckskaefer Branchwood toys are made of finely polished hazelnut wood and basswood. They are CE-compliant a mark of the safety of the toys FSC certified ensuring the environmental sustainability of the wood raw materials and all toys have other marks of quality and safety. All materials used in the production of their toys including paints and varnishes are completely harmless to the environment and health of children.

Glueckskaefer Bench Available soon

Glueckskaefer Bench



Glueckskaefer Wooden Bench Measurements: ca. 10 cmMade in Germany

Glueckskaefer Chair Available soon

Glueckskaefer Chair



Glueckskaefer Wooden Chair Measurements: 7,5 cmMade in Germany

Glueckskaefer Fence Available soon

Glueckskaefer Fence



Glueckskaefer Wooden Fence Measurements: 20 cm long x 5 cm high Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Raft

Glueckskaefer Raft



Glueckskaefer Raft Measurements: 22cm x 15cm Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Roundabout Available soon

Glueckskaefer Roundabout



Glueckskaefer Roundabout Measurements: 22cm high Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Seesaw Available soon

Glueckskaefer Seesaw



Glueckskaefer Wooden Seesaw Measurements: 30 cm Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Swing Available soon

Glueckskaefer Swing



Glueckskaefer Swing Measurements: 14cm x 20cm Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Table Available soon

Glueckskaefer Table



Glueckskaefer Table Measurements: 7 cm in diameter Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Water Trough Available soon

Glueckskaefer Water Trough



Glueckskaefer Water Trough Measurements: 14cm x 17,5cm Made in Germany

Glueckskaefer Wooden Stable

Glueckskaefer Wooden Stable



Glueckskaefer Wooden Stable Measurements: 24cm high x 40cm wide x 27cm deep Made in Germany

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