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20% off LAYBY Orders - Oskar's Wooden Ark 6th Birthday

Oskar's Wooden Ark 6th Birthday - 20% OFF LAYBY offer


Did you place a LAYBY order during our 6th Birthday Storewide Sale?

Thank you for your incredible support during our 6-Day Storewide Sale, which ended on Sunday 5th May. Our team have a busy couple of weeks ahead of them catching up on all the orders and messages received, so we are thankful for your patience during this time.

Please note that your invoice may take up to 3 business days to arrive (sometimes longer during busy periods). If you have any queries, please contact us. We are here and always happy to help.


From 7 AM Monday 30th April 2024 until 11:59 PM ACST Sunday 5th May 2024, we are offering 20% off storewide in our 6-Day Birthday Sale! This offer will also apply to LAYBY orders placed during this period.

LAYBY is a way to help budget, making it more comfortable and accessible to afford some of our wonderful toys, while you plan ahead for Christmas, birthdays or other celebrations.

Reserve your items now (as long as they are available), and spread the cost over a number of instalments. Once fully paid, your items will be sent to you.


How it works:

Simply add your items to your cart (minimum order value of 250 AUD) and enter the code LAYBY plus the code COMBINE in the discount code field. The initial payment due will be 20% of the order total, based on the original, pre-discounted order value. Upon payment, this initial deposit amount is NON-REFUNDABLE.

An invoice will then be created for you, with your Birthday Sale 20% OFF discount applied to your total order, and your balance calculated accordingly. Should you forget to use the code COMBINE there is no need to reach out to us - we will automatically deduct a further $10 from your balance. This balance must then be paid off in instalments, over a maximum of 4 months. You get to choose when you pay the balance off, making weekly, fort-nightly or monthly payments to suit your budget. Basically whatever you prefer and whenever you can afford it over a maximum of 4 months. 

Note: It may look like the Birthday Sale 20% OFF discount isn't applied when you are at checkout - this is because the LAYBY code will temporarily overwrite it to allow the LAYBY deposit. When you receive your invoice, you will see a line showing the 20% discount applied, and the total amount due over the course of the LAYBY will reflect the 20% discount. Any questions, please ask.

Please note that LAYBY is not a discount - it is a method to help you spread your payments over a maximum of four months. The full, original order amount (less the 20% discount) will need to be paid before you receive your purchase. 

Placing your order, with payment of the deposit, confirms acceptance of our full Oskar's Wooden Ark 5th Birthday LAYBY Terms and Conditions - please see below.


Terms and Conditions for LAYBY at Oskar’s Wooden Ark During Our 6-day Birthday Sale:

1. LAYBY applies to all items listed on the Oskar's Wooden Ark website excluding our Sarah's Silks Playsilk in the Mail Subscription.

2. Use the code "LAYBY" during checkout which will reduce the cart total to a 20% deposit, based on the original, pre-discounted order value.

3. A non-refundable deposit of 20% is due immediately. The 20% deposit is per item and applies to any cancellation of a product. Returns from a LAYBY order will be considered as cancellations which will be subjected to the non-refundable deposit. Paying off a LAYBY and then asking for a return will also be considered as cancellations and subjected to the non-refundable deposit. Please also have a look at our standard T&Cs, Return Policy, Shipping & Delivery Policy.

4. Once the deposit has been paid, an invoice will be created for you (this can take up to 3 days). The invoice will reflect your 20% OFF discount, applied to your total order, with your balance calculated accordingly.  You will then be able to pay off your balance in instalments via our Payment Gateway. You can choose how much and how often you want to split the repayments.  To help manage the administration of your LAYBY we do ask for repayments to be a minimum of $25 

5. The total order price reflected on your invoice is final. No further discounts may be applied. This includes any discount from our up-sell service. 

6. Your balance is payable within 4 months of the date of your order. Once your order has been placed, no changes are possible. 

7. Payment must be made in full before items will be shipped. Please check our shipping details for current waiting time. Please contact us with your order number when your balance has been paid to let us know.

8. All goods will be dispatched when the invoice is paid in full. Partial dispatch is not available even if the partial order would qualify for free shipping. It is also not possible to make any changes to an existing LAYBY, for example swapping items with other ones or removing items. 

9. Please note that LAYBY is only available for orders worth at least 250 AUD.

10. We no longer combine LAYBY orders in any form. If you wish to add items to your LAYBY, you will need to place a new order using the LAYBY code. This will be treated as a separate LAYBY order with a new due date. The minimum order amount of 250 AUD will apply, along with the other terms and conditions governing our LAYBY service. If you wish to receive delivery of multiple LAYBY orders at the same time, it is your responsibility to manage repayments accordingly.  Additional LAYBY orders placed after 11:59PM ACST on Sunday 5th May 2024, outside of the offer period, will not qualify for the 20% off discount.

11. To be able to offer this LAYBY service, admin needs to be minimised. It is the customers' responsibility to pay off the outstanding amount before the due date. We are not obligated to send out any reminders before or after the due date, and if payment is not received in full before the due date, stock from your order will be put back into inventory and any deposit will be deemed forfeited.

Oskar's Wooden Ark's LAYBY terms and conditions are in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.

We hope this answers all your LAYBY questions, but if you do have any, please contact us. We are here and always happy to help.