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Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference?

Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference?

This is a guest blog from Emma - also known as @play_at_home_mummy on Instagram. She is truly an inspiring mummy to two wonderful little girls. Thousands of people are inspired of her daily playroom activities and ideas. If you haven't heard from Emma yet, it's about time. Go check out her Instagram. We thought we would ask her for a comprehensive review as she now has both boards - the Wobbel Board and the Kinderboard - for a while.

Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference and what should I choose for my children?

Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference?

Have you been wondering about the difference between the Wobbel Board and the Kinderboard? They are probably the two biggest brands of balance board available, and it’s difficult to make the choice when they both do the same thing!

Well, wonder no more! We have both - we have had a Kinderboard for some time, and more recently were lucky enough to receive a Wobbel board from Oskar's Wooden Ark, and I’ve been closely comparing them to bring you the differences! I will first outline the differences between them, and then I'll follow up with my personal preference now that we have experienced both.

The biggest difference that is immediately noticeable is the quality - not to say that the Kinder board isn’t a great product, and it fulfills its purpose as a balance board perfectly well - but side-by-side, the Wobbel is by far better-looking, smoother to touch and more sleek.

The edges of the Wobbel are more rounded than the Kinder, and the beautiful wood grain is more visible, however it is very smooth to touch. Running your hand against both of them - the Wobbel has a very smooth finish, whereas the Kinderboard is a bit more rough - you can feel the wood grain on it.

The Wobbel is a little bit bigger - longer, thicker and wider - which seems to make it easier for big people to play on ;-) trying them both for myself, it’s easier for me on the Wobbel!

Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference?

Another difference is the age recommendation - Kinder board isn’t recommended for use until 18 months, but the Wobbel can be used from birth. I’m not sure as to why this is - but if you have a baby or young toddler, then Wobbel would be the way to go.

The price is obviously the biggest factor that stumps people when deciding between the two, and this is a reflection of the quality and craftsmanship that has obviously gone into the Wobbel - however, it is also due to where each board is made. The Kinder board is made in China from imported wood, whereas the wobbel board is made in the Ardennes, Belgium (Europe) from locally sourced wood (I believe the wood actually grows around the site they are made on). So, if you’re wanting to consider a more ethical purchase, then the Wobble would probably be the better choice for you.

The last difference is the felt - the Wobbel board has the option of a felt layer, whereas the Kinder doesn’t. If you’re not planning to use it on hard flooring then the felt is probably not needed (its main use is to prevent slipping and dampen the sound on hard floors), but in saying this, we have found that Miss 2 is quite in love with the felt part! She has always been a sensory-loving child, and she certainly seems to enjoy the extra sensory layer that the felt brings to the board!

Wobbel Board or Kinderboard - What's the difference?

Now let me preface the next part by saying that before we got the Wobbel, I had absolutely no problems with the Kinder board and was content with it… BUT… since getting the Wobbel board and being able to see and use them both side by side, there is really no comparison - the Wobbel is far superior. If I had been able to see and use both products before making our initial purchase of the Kinderboard, I would most definitely have chosen the Wobbel over the Kinder. It is overall a better quality product, and the price pretty much speaks to that fact. It looks nicer, feels better, and I like the fact that its made more sustainably. The Kinder board is an excellent option for a balance board at an affordable price, however if you are looking for a better made, more ethically sourced and overall more premium product, then you won’t go wrong with the Wobbel.

Emma - @play_at_home_mummy

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