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From Jennifer Weekly Rhythm Chart Waldorf Coloured


Don't forget to add our Tabletop Stand if you're not planning to hang this on a wall.

With the Weekly Rhythm Chart from Oskar's Wooden Ark children benefit greatly from rhythm and structure. This Weekly Rhythm Chart helps children to visually see what will be occurring each day and throughout the week. Each family will find their own ways of utilizing this chart, but some suggestions are mapping out your children's chores for the day, lining up their morning/bedtime routine, placing expected events such as lessons, outings, and celebrations, picking out the day's school subjects, or charting the forecast and actual weather each day. Simply flipping the coin over as each one is completed gives the child a sense of accomplishment and joy to see their progress.

At Oskar's Wooden Ark you can choose between:
+ Weekly Rhythm Chart only
+ Weekly Rhythm Chart with 18 blank coins
+ Weekly Rhythm Chart in combination with our 38 custom coins
+ 18 blank coins only

Our Weekly Rhythm Chart starts with Monday and finishes the week by Sunday. It follows the specific colors Waldorf homeschooling families assign for each day. Monday (Purple) - Tuesday (Red) - Wednesday (Yellow) - Thursday (Orange) - Friday (Green) - Saturday (Blue) and Sunday (White).

The Weekly Rhythm Chart has the same size as our Perpetual Montessori Calendar and measures 30 cm wide and 33 cm long. It fits 3,5 cm coins. It has a keyhole on the upper back to hang on the wall or use it along with our Tabletop Stand.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking Hazard due to small parts.

Please note that Treasures from Jennifer are handmade in the US and due to different temperature, climate and humidity in Australia occasionally this item may experience a slight bow/curve in the wood.

From Jennifer is an outstanding family run business that specialize in all natural and original handmade wooden toys. Everything is usually made to order and crafted with attention to detail, design, and quality. Over the past few years Jennifer and her husband Joseph have fine-tuned their skills in woodworking, painting and sewing in order to be able to offer an amazing collection of toys that perfectly combine learning and playing. Whilst Joe is working hard to craft the pieces in their newly built workshop, Jennifer is responsible for the creative part of their business. Her endless creativity and constant state of inspiration for designing new toys has given parents the opportunity to give their children something that is not only beautiful and fun but is also educational and timeless.

As the first stockist in Australia, Treasures from Jennifer is the perfect addition to our existing range of high quality wooden toys. Treasures from Jennifer are perfect not only for homeschooling but also for family day care centers, early learning centers and of course for every family who is interested in high quality educational handmade wooden toys that combine fun and learning at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ilona Tar
A must-have item

My 3.5 year old needs to know what he’s got on for the week, and likes to pick and chose from optional activities. This chart is so perfectly tactile and visual for him to use. It’s exactly the right size and scale for us. On top of its perfect use as a rhythm chart, the quality is divine! It smells like a little slice of natural beeswax craftsmanship and looks absolutely adorable. We use ours in conjunction with the table top stand as well as the ‘task chart’ or ‘daily rhythm’ chart (which helps my toddler move through activities such as getting ready for outings, or our evening routine with a lot more autonomy).

Our first TFJ pieces- amazing!

This beautiful rhythm chart and the weather chart have been our first two TFJ pieces and my are they impressive! The quality is fantastic, solid, heavy pieces. The precision with the artwork on the board is excellent. Can't wait to use it more as my little one grows!

Absolute Quailty & Beautiful Style

This piece is absolutely beautiful created. The colours are stunning. This is going to be a big help with my daughter starting Kindy and learning our new week routines.

KImberly Wallace
Valuable Routine Support

My four year old daughter became curious about what was happening for the current day and for the days ahead. This calendar has been a fantastic age appropriate visual support that has allowed her to be confident in what activities we have each day. We chose to get the blank cards and use our own photographs to make the calendar individualistic and easily relatable for our young children.