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Weather Chart


The Weather Chart from Oskar's Wooden Ark invites your child to learn about the weather and our environment in a very simple and beautiful way. The wonderful weather watercolor paintings spin on the wheel and a dial rotates to set the temperature. Your children will find themselves drawn to nature more often - reaching out the door to feel if it's cold, warm, or hot. Looking to the sky for clouds, sun, wind, or rain. Younger children may first experience weather through description before developing more of an understanding of degrees on the thermometer, which is why Jennifer combined both words and numbers to point the dial towards.

This piece is Simple. Beautiful. Functional. Interactive. From Jennifer designed it to coordinate with our Wooden Perpetual Calendars and Weekly Rhythm Chart being the same height so they can be displayed side by side. It measures 30 cm tall and 15 cm wide. It fits over a screw on the wall for hanging or can be used with our Tabletop Stand to prop up on a shelf.

From Jennifer is an outstanding family run business that specialize in all natural and original handmade wooden toys. Everything is usually made to order and crafted with attention to detail, design, and quality. Over the past few years Jennifer and her husband Joseph have fine-tuned their skills in woodworking, painting and sewing in order to be able to offer an amazing collection of toys that perfectly combine learning and playing. Whilst Joe is working hard to craft the pieces in their newly built workshop, Jennifer is responsible for the creative part of their business. Her endless creativity and constant state of inspiration for designing new toys has given parents the opportunity to give their children something that is not only beautiful and fun but is also educational and timeless.

As the first stockist in Australia, Treasures from Jennifer is the perfect addition to our existing range of high quality wooden toys. Treasures from Jennifer are perfect not only for homeschooling but also for family day care centers, early learning centers and of course for every family who is interested in high quality educational handmade wooden toys that combine fun and learning at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Great product - love how aware this product makes the children of their immediate environment!

So handy as well as educational!

Each night I set the weather for the next day, handy in the morning when we are getting dressed! I show my 16mo the chart in the morning, saying if its warm, cool etc then we pick his clothes for the day. Very nice way to start the day!

Superior quality

The treasures from Jennifer weather chart is simply gorgeous. It is so solid and well made! Excellent quality and my 5 year old daughter loves it.


Just simply beautiful, great detail and quality.


I am so impressed with the quality of this product, it is just gorgeous. I purchased it for my 3.5 year old and it has sparked a huge interest in weather, she loves looking outside each day and setting the dials on the chart. I highly reccomend this to all.


We all love this so much. The kiddo's have loved looking and changing the chart multiple times during the day. So worth the money it's so beautifully made. And has gotten the kids talking about the different weather and up coming seasons.

Weather Chart

The quality of the Weather Chart is amazing. I can not wait to start using this with our two boys, what a lovely morning ritual and conversation starter.