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Take a further 20% off our sale section with code TAKEFURTHER20

Sarah's Silks Playsilks Enchanted


Sarah's Silk Enchanted Playsilks from Oskar's Wooden Ark come in beautifully blended colors on 89cm x 89cm square silk scarves. 

Enchanted playsilks will be used for anything you can imagine. They will be so well loved that you’ll want to have a basket full of them. Children use them as water for a sailboat, fire on the floor to cook, as a cape for dress-up play, placed above a scene to be the night sky and much more.

Recommended Age: 3+ years

If you're looking for more information about how to play, use, wash or choose what Playsilk is best for you, visit our Sarah's Silks Play Guide.

Sarah's Silk Enchanted Playsilks are dyed with non-toxic, eco friendly dyes and have been safety tested for children aged 3 and older.

Sarah's Silks is based in California, US. As a family-owned company Sarah's Silks has been importing sustainably-produced, hand-woven silks from China for many years. Sarah sources her materials from a village near Suzhou. The workers - mostly women - generally work from home, weaving, dyeing, sewing, ironing the silk products. 

The dyes are non toxic, non-hazardous, environmentally-friendly and do not contain any heavy metals. Sarah's Silks offers quality silk and cotton playcloths in radiant colors that inspire open-ended play encouraging children to express themselves and the wonders of their imaginations. Children who develop inner creativity at an early age grow up to become inventive, resourceful adults with a greater depth of creative thinking.

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Truly enchanting!

The sea coloured enchanting playsilk is exactly that! With gorgeous blue and light green tones, my 5 month old is captivated by the colours, the flowy fabric and how the light captures and enhances the colours. She loves playing peek-a-boo, laying under it watching it catch the air as a mini “parachute” and grasping it in many positions - sitting, laying, tummy time (so easy to hold!). Can’t wait to begin some threading with her soon and using it in small world play and pretend play as she grows older. A fantastic open ended resource that will definitely ensure every dollar has been well spent! Attached pic: invitation to play can be for Dads, too!


I just received my rainbow silk and it is beautiful!! My daughter will be getting it for her birthday and she is going to love it. I love it... I think we may fight over who gets to play with it!!

Best purchase

Finally getting around to reviewing my daughter's first birthday gifts and so glad I added this to the cart as an after thought. My daughter is getting so much use out of this, throwing, hiding, stuffing and unpacking. And I absolutely love it and have been using it for gift wrapping. The quality is amazing and colours stunning.

Best toy

These are my daughter's absolute favourite thing to play with - so versatile! Great investment :)

Paola Garcia
Worth it!

Love love love our rainbow play silk. My 6 month old loves to play-peek- a-boo and is captivated by the colours. It even calms him down when he’s upset. Best purchase and excellent quality! No regrets.


Finally purchased some enchanted playsilks and they are already so well loved! The size is just perfect and the soft texture just draws you in. Perfect open ended play resource!


We absolutely love silks in our house and love adding to our growing collection as they lead to so many play possibilities and the colours are stunning! These were very loved by us during lockdown and were shipped to us in the quickest time! Thank you Oskar's x

Rebecca Evans
Stunning and so much fun!

Such a beautiful product. I think I love it even more than my 16 month old! Fantastic customer service and quick delivery. Can't fault the service or product!

Corinne Galea
A little silk goes a long way

My 17 month old received these silks for Christmas. She previously had other silks which she rarely played with so I was sceptical about purchasing more. However the Sarah's silks seemed to have changed her mind! My daughter is in the midst of the enveloping schema so the silks are used to play peek a boo, walk around the house as a cape or over her head, use as a swaddle for her toys or as a base for her farm animals, items to be "washed" in her pretend laundry. The opportunities for play are endless! The silks are really great quality, slightly transparent and breathable. I can't wait to purchase more of them!

MOlly bOrg

What vibrant colours!! My daughter LOVES rainbow and this is such an open ended diverse toy