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Sarah's Silks Playsilks in Australia from Oskar's Wooden Ark

Sarah's Silks

Sarah Lee, creator of Sarah's Silks, smiles while reflecting on her oldest son's early childhood days. "Mom, I am a turtle today. I need some green to wear." "I need some wings to fly today - blue ones!" Or, "She is the princess and I am the knight. We need some pink, purple and red colors." First Sarah reached for an old silk scarf. Her son loved the smooth, silky feel. Finally something he didn't declare itchy! Soon she found herself dying squares of silks to support his play. 

Sarah's Silks is based in California, US. As a family-owned company Sarah's Silks has been importing sustainably-produced, hand-woven silks from China for many years. Sarah sources her materials from a village near Suzhou. The workers - mostly women - generally work from home, weaving, dyeing, sewing, ironing the silk products. Sarah's Silks pays their workers an above-average minimum wage, and also provides incentives such as access to supplemental health insurance for them and their families.

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Playsilk in the Mail Subscription Service

Playsilk in the Mail subscription from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia

Children LOVE getting mail!

Give your child the gift of imaginative play with a monthly Playsilk in the Mail subscription.

What's included? TWO surprise open-ended toys, a collectible art card and a colouring page sent to your child every month! These limited-edition surprises are only available to subscribers and are not part of the usual Sarah’s Silks range. Check out this month's Playsilk in the Mail below.

Subscription bundles are exceptional value for money and shipping is FREE! We have limited spots available so do get in early if you’d like to subscribe!

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Coordinated pieces bundled into ready-to-play costumes!

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Inspiration & Ideas

How to play with Sarah's Silks play silks

How to Play with Playsilks?

What is a play silk? How can play silks be used? Do play silks have to be silk? Can Sarah’s Silks Playsilks be washed? In this, our ultimate guide to playing with play silks, we will answer all these questions and more. (Image: @learnandbloom)

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Sarah's Silks dress ups in Australia from Oskar's Wooden Ark

Let's dress up and play pretend!

Whether you're looking for ready-to-wear costumes or silks and cloths that can be fashioned into anything you need them to be, we've got you covered! Sarah's Silks are a wonderful choice for Halloween, celebrations or everyday pretend play. Just add imagination! (Image: @woodentoyplay)

Let's dress up and play pretend!
Furoshiki sustainable gift wrap with Sarah's Silks Playsilks

Have you tried Furoshiki?

For beautiful, sustainably wrapped gifts, why not try out Furoshiki - the ancient Japanese art of gift wrapping. Sarah's Silks Playsilks and Cloths are ideal for wrapping gifts big and small, and you can be sure that your kids will find endless ways to play with them until the next Birthday or Christmas celebration rolls around. A present wrapped in a present! (Image: @woodentoyplay)

Sarah's Silks Gift Wrap