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Take a further 20% off our sale section with code TAKEFURTHER20
Should we move to Australia?

Should we move to Australia? - our story part 04

📅 February 2015 - If you’re not dreaming big for yourself, who’s doing it for you?

📜 2015 was the year I visited Australia 🇦🇺 for the first time. It was love at first sight. The weather, the mentality and kindness of it’s people, the amazing beaches, the BBQs and the beautiful countryside made my first Australian holiday remarkable. ☀️ Especially the way Thuy’s family and friends welcomed me in their family. The way they were showing me around was absolutely special and was definitely one of the biggest reasons why I wanted to move to Australia after our holiday.

We came back in 2016 and decided to spend our four weeks of holiday living as locals to find out if it would still feel the same way - it did. 🍃

Since my wife is Australian it’s always been an option to move to Australia. Talking about moving to Australia was always easy but making the final decision was not easy at all. Quitting a good job and leaving everything behind especially our gorgeous friends and my family was probably the hardest decision I’ve ever made in my life so far. 🎈

My wife and myself committed on living a life with as less regrets as possible so whatever there is waiting for us ahead, we are happy to take on the challenge. Australia, we are coming! 🌈

📅 March 2017 – Visa grant notice

📜We knew that it would be a hassle to get all the required documents for my Australian Visa. 🔖 Not only because of the fact that it’s not cheap, it is also the length of time it takes for the application to be approved. In our case it took exactly 10 months. ⏳ After submitting all the paperwork, all we could do was basically wait and try to get things organised for the time after approval. The day I got this notification from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection was kind of a special day for us. 🤗
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