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Meet Little Oskar

Meet little Oskar - our story part 05

📅 July 2017 – Oskar was born

📜 Meet little Oskar 👶🏼 Ludwig Till, born 27.07.2017 weighing in at a mini 2.54 kgs and 47 cm tall. We are absolutely in love with our little son and we couldn’t be more happy and proud 😇. The pregnancy was a new journey for us, especially for my wife Thuy. She did the greatest job of all time and managed every single situation in such a remarkable way. We can now say that there is nothing better than being parents and being able to see them grow up (too fast) right before our very eyes. We can’t wait for him to play with all the beautiful, distinctive and unique wooden toys 🌳 we have available to develop his sensory skills and his own imaginative yet creative life.

Welcome to the world 🌏 little Oskar. We love you so much!
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