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Our Wedding Story

Weddingstory - our story part 03

📅 October 2015 - our German 🇩🇪 wedding

📜 We both initially agreed to have a small official wedding ceremony 💍🎩 in Germany but that idea went straight out the window as soon as my lovely wife Thuy heard about the possibility of getting hitched in an actual German 🏰 castle. We had a fantastic day in an absolutely stunning location with all of our close friends and family. It still feels surreal sometimes. I grew up only five kilometers away from one of the largest and most impressive baroque palaces in Germany. I drove past it nearly every day on my way to work and I never realised how spectacular it was - until I saw it again through the eyes of my wife. 😊That day will always be a very special memory to me.

📅 February 2017 – our Australian 🇦🇺 wedding

📜 More than 20 friends and family members from all over the world, mostly from Germany 🇩🇪 made it to our wedding in Australia. We couldn’t be more grateful to celebrate our biggest day (again) in an absolutely stunning location at the Glen Ewin Estate 🍃in the Adelaide Hills. We enjoyed every minute even though the day was over way too fast.

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