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Reversible 1-10 Tracing and Number Counting Board

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The Reversible Wooden 1-10 Tracing and Number Counting Board from Oskar’s Wooden Ark combines tracing and counting into a learning toy for children. It will help them to learn how to form their numbers correctly and learn what each number represents. Trace to feel the motion of writing each number with either your finger or the included tracing stick. 

At Oskar’s Wooden Ark we offer a "reversible" option which is a wonderful combination of the numbers and counting side. You simply flip it over to change sides. It comes with a thick tracing stick and 60 wooden balls. Please keep in mind these can pose a choking hazard for young children. Therefore we recommend using the balls with children only over the age of 3 years old. 

Instead of the wooden balls it can be fun using raisins or chocolate chips. Some might use beads, small stones or even flower petals to fill the dimples and large tracing numbers of the board. You may also enjoy doing crayon rubbings of the numbers or filling their grooves with the balls from the counting side.

The Reversible Wooden 1-10 Tracing and Number Counting Board is made from precious maple wood and engraved with gently curved grooves.
Measurements: 26,5 cm x 19cm x 1,3 cm

From Jennifer is an outstanding family run business that specialize in all natural and original handmade wooden toys. Everything is usually made to order and crafted with attention to detail, design, and quality. Over the past few years Jennifer and her husband Joseph have fine-tuned their skills in woodworking, painting and sewing in order to be able to offer an amazing collection of toys that perfectly combine learning and playing. Whilst Joe is working hard to craft the pieces in their newly built workshop, Jennifer is responsible for the creative part of their business. Her endless creativity and constant state of inspiration for designing new toys has given parents the opportunity to give their children something that is not only beautiful and fun but is also educational and timeless.

As the first stockist in Australia, Treasures from Jennifer is the perfect addition to our existing range of high quality wooden toys. Treasures from Jennifer are perfect not only for homeschooling but also for family day care centers, early learning centers and of course for every family who is interested in high quality educational handmade wooden toys that combine fun and learning at the same time.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

Looks so Beautiful & simple.
My 4 year old is so excited to learn to write numbers.
Such a beautiful toy

Amazing product!

High quality and my kids love it!


We have been using this beautiful learning tool along with the Alphabet tracing board everyday since they’ve arrived.

Amazing product to learn early number concepts.

I am so impressed by the double sided number board! In just one sitting alone, Miss 5 came up with so many ways to use it. The quality is second to none and certainly worth the investment. I love how children can learn numeral formation as well as representing the number with the wooden marbles. Cannot wait to add the alphabet board to our collection.