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Kaden Marble Run M "Wave"


Kaden Marble Run "Wave" M from Oskar's Wooden Ark is a basic entry level set compatible with other Kaden Marble Runs of size M. The addition of the wave pieces in this set give the ball runs extra dimension by adding wonderful wave motions. By placing the wooden blocks together in differing combinations, differing ball runs can be created. Kaden Marble Runs are made in Germany from steam treated beech wood - a process that increases stability and durability.

Extend your marble run by adding different Kaden Marble Runs of the size M:
Kaden Marble Run "Wave" M can be fully combined with Kaden Marble Run "Classic" MKaden Marble Run "Funnel" M or Kaden Marble Run "Chord" M. We also offer Kaden Marble Run "Classic in Box" M.

Kaden Marble Run "Wave" M consists of 19 building blocks:
- 4 simple wooden blocks
- 1 straight wooden blocks
- 4 double sized straight wooden blocks
- 4 quarter circles
- 1 semicircles
- 1 intersection
- 4 pairs of waves
- 5 coloured wooden marbles

Wooden Box: 40 cm x 40 cm x 11 cm
Building Blocks: 9 cm x 9 cm x 4.5 cm
Wooden Balls: 4.5 cm diameter
Weight: 9 kg

Perfect in combination with Grimm's Wooden Balls:
With a diameter of 4.5 cm Kaden Marble Runs wooden ball size M have the same size than our Grimm's Wooden Rainbow, Pastel and Monochrome balls and are therefore suitable for children under the age of three years. 

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