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Announcement - Our Story

Announcement - our story part 09

📅 Januar 2018 – Happy New Year

📜 Just in time before Christmas our last packages from Germany 🇩🇪 arrived. We decided not to take all of our belongings to Australia. It’s fascinating how over the years we collected just too much stuff we hardly use and so we said let’s only bring the things we really love, need and which have a personal meaning to us. Ten boxes 📦 , that’s all we brought. And guess what? In one of the boxes we brought our private wooden ark and all the animals from 🐘 Ostheimer combined with our private range of 🌈 Grimm's Wooden Toys.

📜 We are also happy to share the news that Oskar will become a big brother in July 2018. 😇 Yep! Our second baby is on the way and we could not be happier! We both wanted a second child - probably not so close together but we are always happy remembering our childhood with our siblings. So hopefully Oskar and his little sister / brother will enjoy their childhood together. An exciting time is ahead of us!

We’ve been also lucky and we were able to spend a week in Sydney 🎇over New Year’s!

We wish you all the best for 2018. May all your wishes come true, that you stay healthy and live happily and most importantly never stop chasing your dreams. Don’t forget that we are all 100% in charge of our lives. Let’s do it!

Our TOP5 highlights from 2017 have been:
1. Our son Oskar was born 👶🏼
2. We moved from Germany to Australia 🇦🇺
3. We started our own business 🌳
4. We got married in Australia 🎩 
5. We were able to travel from April to June through Europe 🌍
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