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Capital Alphabet Letters Puzzle Walnut

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The Wooden Walnut Capital Alphabet Letters Puzzle from Oskar's Wooden Ark is a magnificent hardwood alphabet puzzle in a wonderful combination of maple and walnut woods. Smoothly sanded and conditioned with organic coconut oil and beeswax cream. Ready for learning and play, this set is a complete capital letter alphabet nesting inside a 23 cm x 47 cm base. Each letter is just over 5 cm tall and almost 2,5 cm thick.

From Jennifer is an outstanding family run business that specialize in all natural and original handmade wooden toys. Everything is usually made to order and crafted with attention to detail, design, and quality. Over the past few years Jennifer and her husband Joseph have fine-tuned their skills in woodworking, painting and sewing in order to be able to offer an amazing collection of toys that perfectly combine learning and playing. Whilst Joe is working hard to craft the pieces in their newly built workshop, Jennifer is responsible for the creative part of their business. Her endless creativity and constant state of inspiration for designing new toys has given parents the opportunity to give their children something that is not only beautiful and fun but is also educational and timeless. 

As the first stockist in Australia, Treasures from Jennifer is the perfect addition to our existing range of high quality wooden toys. Treasures from Jennifer are perfect not only for homeschooling but also for family day care centers, early learning centers and of course for every family who is interested in high quality educational handmade wooden toys that combine fun and learning at the same time.

Customer Reviews

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Capital Alphabet Letters Puzzle Walnut

I am beyond ecstatic with my new Capital Alphabet Letters Puzzle Walnut!! The letters are so much thicker than i anticipated! The colours are just gorgeous! And each of the pieces are just finished beautifully, with soft edges!

The puzzle. It’s fine motor, hand eye coordination, number recognition, placing the correct number in the correct place, cognitive, thinking about, moving it/ turning/ flipping it around for it to go in correctly.

Then the letters are able to be taken out of the puzzle as well, to be used on the table, to look at as reference for learning to write free hand. Using their fingers to trace first then write it.
Using them to place in corresponding order correctly outside the puzzle.

You could incorporate and use them at the play dough table for stamping, looking at cause and effect when u place it in to the dough, what happens and then recognising the number.

Spending the extra $20 to get the board/ puzzle and not just the pieces, u have somewhere for them to be stored aesthetically pleasing on the shelf instead of a basket.
Children can glance at it and without even taking the pieces out if they didn’t want too.. they can count them pointing as they go.

I personally chose the upper case to start with for my 2year old son as he’s taken to learning them first.
I will be purchasing the lower case puzzle next!

Beautiful Quality

I purchased this resource for my son who has dyslexia and finds early literacy skills very difficult. I was a little hesitant to spend so much on an alphabet puzzle when there are many others available at affordable prices, however, all the other alphabet puzzles we had and wooden letters just wasn’t working as well as they could do. I took the plunge and purchased this set and was surprised with how large the puzzle actually is. The quality is amazing and the size is fantastic. Definitely look forward to using it in the future