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Senger Cuddly Animal Goose Large Grey (Vegan)

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The Senger Cuddly Large Goose in Grey is not only a soft and cuddly toy but it also doubles as a gentle heat bag for children. The Senger Large Goose has a removable pillow that's filled with certified spelt chaff which can be placed in the oven to heat or in the fridge to cool. Once it has reached the desired temperature, simply place back inside the zippered pouch. Also works well as a weighted blanket. Perfect for those cold nights in winter or when someone is sick with a belly ache.

The Senger Cuddly animal Goose large Grey is a vegan product- the stuffing is made from cotton, and no animal products (eg wool) have been used.

Dimensions: Approximately 80 x 69 x 17 cm

WARNING! Fire Danger, do not heat chaff pillow in microwave, only suitable for warming in the oven due to fire risk. 

Senger Naturwelt was founded by Sabine and Volker Senger over 30 years ago in Hesse, Germany. Their traditional yet beautiful soft toys and accessories are handmade using only the finest of natural materials including pure sheep’s wool and organic cotton in addition to meeting strict quality, safety and pollutant controls to ensure their toys are completely safe for children of all ages. Senger Naturwelt are also committed to high levels of workmanship, sustainability and supporting local suppliers when possible.

Soft toys are often your child’s first best friends and accompany your child throughout childhood and beyond. It’s very important to Sabine and Volker Senger to provide children with lifelong friends that are able to withstand endless hours of play and millions of cuddles. Senger Naturwelt soft toys are made to last a lifetime so that they can continue to provide warmth and protection for an eternity if needed.

Customer Reviews

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My kids absolutely love this. Especially my 5 year old, he cuddles it most nights in bed and it’s so sweet. Perfect for tummy aches and cuddling on the couch too!

I tried heating it up in the oven (as per instructions) but found it was taking way too long. So now I put the heat pack in the microwave with about 1/2 coffee cup of water and heat for 70 seconds on level 6 heat, then turn over the bag for another 70 seconds.

Highly recommend this beautiful cuddly goose!

Lisa Freer
Senger Cuddly Goose large

So happy with the Senger Goose so beautifully made
I hope my new grandbaby will love it too
The service , packaging & delivery was excellent.
Loved my hand written note ,
so special.
Thankyou x

Senger Vegan grey goose

The smile on my 6 year olds face when I have him his goose was priceless. It provides comfort and releases heat slowly which has made a huge difference during bed time.