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We've added lots of NEW goodies!
We've added lots of NEW goodies!

Schoellner Wooden Playstand


The Schoellner Wooden Playstand is not only a magical place for children to learn and play but also a haven where they can relax and wind down from a long day. The moment a child steps inside, they can be immediately whooshed away to faraway places such as Never Land where anything is possible or just somewhere known and loved like the gelato shop around the corner. It is a brilliant example of something that opens the child's mind for learning through playing, a piece of furniture that allows children the freedom to take the lead in where their imagination runs without borders or restrictions. A must have for any Waldorf and Steiner learning environment. 

All that is needed to build the ultimate haven for children as shown in the images are (Play House Complete Package):
  • 2 Schoellner Playstands
  • 2 Schoellner Wooden Arches
  • 1 Schoellner Roof Connectors (made from 12mm beechwood) which safely connects the arches together

    Play House: 127,5 cm high x 78,5 cm wide (depth) x 146,5 cm length
    Single Playstand: 110cm high x 78,5 cm wide (depth) cm x 30 cm length
    Single Playstand Arch: 64cm x 73cm

    Material: Alder wood
    Recommended Age: 3+

    Perfect in combination with:
    Sarah's Silks Giant Playsilks which make the perfect roof cover for your play house:
    Sarah's Silks Giant Earth Playsilks
    Sarah's Silks Giant Playsilks

    Schoellner Shop Stand:
    The Schoellner Tabletop Shop Stand can be used on its own placed on a flat surface or easily be inserted into a Schoellner Playstand to create a shoplike environment.

    Please note accessories shown in image are not included but you can find a wide range of suitable kitchen accessories and wooden playfood here:
    Glueckskaefer kitchen accessories
    Erzi Wooden Playfood

    Due to the weight and measurements of this item additional shipping cost might occur based on your location. We will make contact with you if this should be the case. If you want to know beforehand - please feel invited to send us a message.

    Roland and Gabriele Schoellner founded Schoellner Wooden Toys in 1985. Schoellner’s wooden toys and furniture are known for their great functionality and design. Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf theories, Schoellner’s children’s furniture lets your child practice real life skills in a playful and imaginative way as well as in a safe environment. All materials, shapes and colours have been chosen with the child in mind, making sure the that the toy leaves enough room for the child’s imagination and creativity to cultivate naturally.

    Schoellner’s workshop is based in Unterwoessen, a small town in Bavaria, Germany. All their beautiful toys are handmade by a close knit team of skilled craftsmen who are supported by three disability enterprises in the local area. Their passion has always been about creating wooden toys for children that are not only safe but are built to last, while at the same time leave the smallest possible environmental footprint behind.

    Schoellner’s wooden toys are mostly made from a hard wood found in Europe called Black Alder which is known for its characteristic warm colour when stained with linseed oil or beeswax. Each toy or piece of furniture has to pass Schoellner’s high level of standards before it's allowed to leave the workshop and enter your home to be enjoyed by all.

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