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Orders being shipped within 24 hours
Orders being shipped within 24 hours

Predan Pine Tree Large

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Predan Pine Tree Large
Height: up to ca. 24 cm

Please be aware that Predan Wooden Toys aren't made in the same way that most other brands are. They are not cut buy machines into identical shapes, they are cut by eye. They are not painted evenly because they are painted by hand. The colour finishes are rarely consistent and markings commonly show through. Predan toys are beautifully imperfect and natural with unique traces of nature. This is what separates them from other toy makers. In addition, most of their products are sanded by hand, which underlines this individual expression. The unique variations are proof of quality, NOT defects. Wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of its natural origins.

Have you ever touched wooden figurines made by Predan Holzgestaltung? It’s something you won’t forget. They smell divine, are incredibly smooth and almost feel soft to touch.

Georg Predan founded Predan Holzgestaltung in 1972 and has since designed a large variety of wooden animals, trees and shrubs as well as people and fairy-tale figures. Every manufacturing step that turns a piece of timber into a wooden toy is made by hand - from the moment the timber arrives until the finished products leave the workshop in Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany.

Georg Predan and his team focus on enhancing and preserving the natural characteristics of the wood and its grain by sanding, polishing and oiling each piece with a lot of love and care. When you look at Predan Wooden Toys, you may notice the large range of differently coloured figurines. Georg and his team use more than 20 different kinds of native and locally grown timber, mainly hardwood, to create their beautiful figurines. The timber from the different trees is responsible for the different colours - Sycamore Maple trees are known for their white timber, Yew trees for their orange, Staghorn Sumac for their green and Elm trees for their brown timber.

A small amount of Predan figurines are painted with a plant-based, non-toxic stain that neither comes off or poses a risk for your child when coming in contact with saliva. Predan Wooden Toys are known for their whimsical shapes, solid design and meticulous production.

Recommended for children from 3+ years.

Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months.
Choking hazard due to small parts.

Customer Reviews

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Predan Pine

I was so blown away when I opened my OWA package and found the gorgeous predan pine. It brought back so many memories of the cedars in Lebanon. I can’t wait to build on my collection.

Predan Pine Tree

My absolute favourite OWA purchase. Beautifully made.