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Lyra Colour Giants Skin Tones Pencil Set 12

by Lyra

Lyra colour giants skin tones 12 assortment

We agree with the statement made by the manufacturer of this product LYRA who adds the following note: "We believe that all humans are equal despite the different colours of their skin. In order to portray this in colour LYRA has created an assortment of Colour Giant® pencils incorporating the 12 most common skin colours of the people of our world. That way everyone can be portrayed equally without discrimination in the colour of their skin. A drawing set for tolerance and understanding. " The renowned high quality LYRA Color Giant for drawing and writing. The leads have a diameter of 6.25 mm are especially break-resistant and economical to use. The highly pigmented lead gives the colours their extreme intensity. The soft leads flow easily across the paper and are smudge and waterproof.

Recommended Age: 3+

Customer Reviews

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Kimberley B
Amazing pencils. Highly recommend them!

I love these pencils! I bought them for my 5 year old, because I realised that most packs of pencils for kids simply don't give many/any options that look like realistic skin colours. First of all, I love the colour options! The other thing that made a huge difference was the quality of the pencils... You can actually colour in and not have really gappy, unevenly coloured skin on the person you drew, where you have to go over it a million times just to achieve what is still very uneven and pretty gappy coloured skin.

I like these pencils so much that I'll be buying Lyra colour giants sets to be presents for some other kids we know. I'm also going to buy the more advanced set of colouring pencils for myself to colour in pretty pictures... I guess I'll share with my son, haha.

Thank you, Oskar's Wooden Ark, for stocking these!