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OWA Warehouse remains open and orders are being shipped within 24 hours

Kapla 1000 Pack

by Kapla

There's no point in beating about the bush, the pack Kapla 1000 Pack is every builder's dream. With this pack of 1000 planks, you will be able to create big constructions and allow your children to develop their creativity together, or as a family. It's the ideal choice for children who are passionate about the universe and wooden KAPLA constructions.

The pack 1000 is also adapted to communities and presented in a solid wood gift box, equipped with wheels for ease of transport. Your well stored KAPLA will be available at the click of a finger for some more building.

Measurements: ca. 38,5 x 38,5 x 39,5 cm
Weight: 19 kg
Colour: Natural
1000 Wooden Planks

Recommended for children aged 3 years and older.

Most of the time an idea for a new product comes to mind when you can’t find a suitable object that ticks all the boxes. The Dutchman Tom van der Bruggen encountered this exact problem while trying to design and create a model of a castle that he wanted to build in the South of France. In order to visualise the finished construction of the castle of his dreams, Tom van der Bruggen tried to construct it using regular wooden blocks. However, the size and shape of the wooden blocks didn’t allow him to create certain features such as lintels, roofs and floors. Unsatisfied with the possibilities of the wooden blocks, Tom set out to design and create his own. He invented wooden blocks in the shape of planks which he named Kapla - an abbreviation of “Kabouter Plankjes” which means “gnome planks” in Dutch. 

All Kapla planks are identical in size with the dimension in ratio of 1:3:5. This unique and innovative design allows children and adults to build a wide variety of structures without the help of additional or supportive accessories. Balance and gravity alone hold the wooden planks in place.

Our wooden Kapla planks introduce children as well as adults to the world of imagination, creativity and concentration. These open-ended wooden planks provide hours of fun, entertainment and endless building possibilities. From simple to very complex structures, the wooden planks allow each person to build at his own skill level. Kapla is a natural construction game that encourages children to develop, practise and refine their fine motor skills, logical thinking and perseverance as well as building techniques and spatial awareness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Amazing Classroom Resource

These KAPLA blocks were an excellent addition to my open-ended classroom toys. There were enough blocks for my class of 20 to work together on some large structures. The box comes with wheels so it's easy to roll away. I would definitely recommend these blocks.

Janna Clerke
Awesome and fun blocks

We have enjoyed building so many different types of structures (both as a family and as groups or individuals). Seeing how strong or tall we can build something, and then watching how it falls has been so fun and exciting for everyone young and old. (and then rewatching it again in slow motion). We have so many more fun things planned to try.