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Valentine's Day

Goldon Metallophone 12 Sound Plates Soprano in Boomwhackers Colours

by Goldon

The Goldon Metallophone features 12 finely tuned sound plates in Soprano, plus an additional 3 changeable plates, made out of steel and colour coded in the world renown Boomwhacker colours. A great learning resource for music students as each Boomwhacker colour depicts a musical note helping children learn about the fundamentals of music easier.


  • Frame made from Beechwood
  • Set of 12 finely tuned sound modules: c3-g4, diatonic scale
  • 3 changeable sound plates included in set: fis3, bb3 and fis4
  • 2 wooden beaters also included

Made in Germany.

Goldon was founded back in 1936 and is still known today to be one of the leading companies around the world for professional grade musical instruments for children. Goldon instruments are not toys but actual musical instruments that can be played alongside a real band or orchestra. Made in Germany using high quality materials and finely tuned to play true notes just like any other musical instrument found on the market.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Thea Fitch
Beautiful tones

This metallophone is of stunning quality and the tone is just so beautiful. My little one loves it and has played it quite vigorously and it is still amazing. Hubby is a musician and he thinks the quality is awesome. Highly recommend.

Kelly Chu
Music to the ears

Words cannot describe the pitch perfect, clear and beautiful sound that this metallophone! The tone is sparkling and gorgeous, and it’s truly a musical instrument, not just a toy. Perfect for updating our boys’ musical instrument collection. Love that the colours match the note eg. C, D, E, etc, great for musical beginners!

Hannah Jarvis
Beautiful sound

Buying these has made me realise how subpar the instruments our daughter has had so far are. So beautifully made and a lovely, lovely sound. Very pleased.