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Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM

Glassen Wax-like Kite Paper


Durable transparent coloured glassen paper traditionally used for kite making.  This semi-transparent paper is ideal for making window stars, transparencies, lanterns and many other creative projects; and it is food safe!

Glassen paper has a 'waxey' feeling and is often mistakenly referred to as Wax paper. It is also known as Kite Paper, due to its strength and versatility. Interestingly,  it is made without wax, and the paper properties are quite different to wax paper.

Glassen paper is made from paper pulp that undergoes a special 'making' process. It is not coated with anything nor does it have anything 'extra' added to the pulp. The process itself creates the qualities in the paper - durability, transparency, shine, and the waxey feeling.

Glassen paper can be used to wrap foodstuffs as it is water repellant (not water-proof). Our Glassen paper is certified as safe to wrap foodstuffs. This means everything in it is non-toxic and yes it will indeed biodegrade, and is vegan-safe!

Choose your options from the dropdown menu: 

  • Standard Colours 16x16 cm 100 Sheet Pad
  • Primary Colours 16x16cm 100 Sheet Pad
  • Standard Colours 22x22m 100 Sheet Pad
  • Standard Colours 50x70 cm 100 Sheet Roll

Standard Colours: brown; purple; magenta; light green; dark green; red; yellow; golden yellow; blue; orange; white

Primary Colours:  5 Colours - Blue Green Golden Yellow Red and White

Paper Weight: 40gsm

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

My first purchase of the kite paper and I LOVE it. It comes in a pad, which is super convenient to keep neatly all together. We have started making window stars and it’s a lot of fun and a great mindfulness activity. I’ll definitely add more kite paper to my next order as I can see how versatile it is for so many art and craft activities.

Mishka Leith

I used to make kite paper stars at school. I'd forgotten about them. I love them just as much now. This paper is flawless and beautiful

Kristy Thorburn
Lovely quality. Large stars!

We used this paper to make beautiful bright window stars for our seasonal decoration. I was actually pleasantly surprised that paper this size can make quite large stars as they are often folded on the diagonal. It also means that the paper can be cut in halves or even quarters so even more stars of varying sizes can be made.

So nice

Really glad I got this paper. I’m not crafty but it’s been perfect for learning to make sun catchers, and the colours are so bright.

Star crafts

Wonderful shop with many options for my little ones. Beautiful crafting kite paper, well notified when product was in stock and very quick delivery! Made beautiful window stars for themselves and friends.

Lucy Stewart

Lovely little family business with a great selection of fun and educational wooden. Our kids loved the coloured waxed kite paper - great for making origami window decorations. We'll be back to shop here again! Thanks