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Matador Construction sets from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia
Matador Construction sets from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia


Matador has recently celebrated its 120th birthday. If a toy has been around for that long then you know it must be a hit with the kids! Matador’s original 'Hammer-Pin-System' was invented in 1899 by Johann Korbuly, an Austrian engineer, and patented shortly afterwards. Over the years Matador has changed owners a few times but they have all kept the production of Matador in Europe and they have used their engineering skills to further improve Johann’s original design, making Matador toys what they are today.

Matador’s unique building concept allows children to work on their fine motor skills, solve problems and be creative and imaginative thanks to endless building possibilities.

The 'Hammer-Pin-System' simultaneously fosters technical understanding, engineering skills, spacial awareness and 3-D comprehension. But nothing beats the sense of achievement once your child has managed to complete a model.

Matador Construction sets from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia

Matador's focus lies in creating attractive toys while protecting the environment at the same time. Sourcing timber from sustainably managed local forests, using a sophisticated production process that minimises wood waste and using regional suppliers for their packaging are just a few processes Matador has implemented in order to look after the environment. The majority of Matador’s building blocks are untreated and any coloured parts have been dyed using non-toxic paint, making all parts safe for children to mouth and play with.

Matador is proud to call itself a family-friendly company - team work plays a big role at Matador and Matador’s employees get every support they need when family issues arise.

Images: @mami_tinka and @exploringlifetogether_ for Oskar's Wooden Ark

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Introducing Matador Wooden Construction Sets

Video: Matador Wooden Construction Sets for Children - available in Australia form Oskar's Wooden Ark
Matador Maker sets for children aged 3+


The MAKER wooden construction sets by Matador promote the motor and cognitive development of young children aged 3 years and older. With the Matador hammer, building blocks and pins are connected, allowing children to playfully develop craftsmanship skills. Using the special Matador pliers, the structures can always be taken apart and then re-assembled to form a new structure. The 4x4 cm blocks are perfectly sized for small children’s hands. The building instructions are illustrated, thereby enabling children to build on their own.

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Video: Matador Maker Sets for Children aged 3+
Matador Explorer sets for children aged 5+


The EXPLORER wooden construction sets by Matador are designed for older children, 5 years and older. These sets fulfil the requirement for both simple and more complex, technically advanced models and landscapes. Using the Matador hammer along with blocks drilled to precision, perfectly fitting linking pins, axles and wheels – a variety of construction options are available, allowing children to develop and implement their imagination and ideas.

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Video: Matador Explorer Sets for Children aged 5+
Distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom

Matador is distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom