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Nanchen Mini Mopschen Doll


The Nanchen Natur Mini Mopschen Dolls are slightly smaller than the Mopschen Dolls but otherwise the same, these Waldorf inspired dolls are designed to be loyal companions for children during the first few years of life. Made from a soft terry cloth texture with a soft filling and an easy to hold shape ensures it will not only be loved by your little one but be a source of comfort too.

Recommended Age: 4+ months 

Dimensions: Approximately 23 cm
Material: Organic terry cloth cotton and hypoallergenic certified wool

Nana and Peter Sendke founded Nanchen Natur back in 1983 but circumstances found Nanchen Natur taken over in 2012 by Janah von Buttlar and Juliane Krueger, who both vigorously promised to lead the traditional company with the same joy and enthusiasm as the founding owners. For the past 30 years Nanchen Dolls and comforters have been made in a small workshop in Martinhagen/Schauenburg, a small village in the middle of Germany. The workshop now employs 15 artisans who still lovingly create the beautiful Nanchen Dolls in the very same workshop with the same amount of precision and care.

Nanchen Dolls are known for their beautifully hand-painted faces, their extreme cuddliness and assembled using only the best and safest organic materials. Each doll is stuffed by hand with 100% organic pure new wool and individually hand-painted making each doll unique, just like us. Nanchen Dolls are handmade with respect for nature and love for children and their beautiful range of high quality plush dolls and comforters are sure to be cherished by your children throughout their childhood and be their source of solace in trying times.

Customer Reviews

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My daughter (2.5) doesn't play too often with dolls so I wasn't sure whether to buy this doll or not. I opted for the mini doll due to cost.
When the package arrived she was excited to find the doll - she took to it immediately. I was glad to see that the size was actually perfect for my 2.5 year old. She wanted to undress the doll and dress it but I had to explain to her that that's not possible with this doll (I also haven't seen clothes for the mini).
After the initial excitement - she still reaches for the doll - favourite play is to put the doll to sleep.
The reason I'm giving it only 3 stars is that I'm not sure this doll has added much to her toy collection - she does the same things with her stuffed toys - I don't see this doll being too versatile from a stuffed toy.
She does love the doll and it gets played with often but I'm glad I've opted for the mini version and saved some money.