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We've added lots of NEW goodies!
We've added lots of NEW goodies!

Mader my First Spinning Top with Starter


My first Spinning Top with starter is a great first top that will stay with you for years. Even the youngest children are able to put the top in motion by drawing it through their hands. You'll be amazed at how long these tops spin!

Colour: Mader My first Spinning Top with Starter come in 4 different colour combinations. You can select your favorite colour in the drop down menu.

Dimensions: Diameter 8,0 cm.

Recommended Age: 3+

Warning! Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts. Supervision required at all times, rope is a strangulation hazard to children under 3.

Made in Austria.

To see an overview of the different spinning tops and difficulty levels click here.

Mader Kreiselmanufaktur was founded in 1991 by Klaus Mader, a very skilled carpenter with a love for handcrafted wooden toys. He has a small but mighty workshop found in the foothills of the Austrian Alps which hand makes not only traditional spinning tops but also skipping ropes, kaleidoscopes and yo-yos. Each spinning top is painstakingly made by hand, often by Klaus himself, out of locally sourced wood with some tops requiring up to 20 different stages such as wood turning, burning, embossing, carving, brushing, painting and varnishing. One can’t help but admire the attention to detail in every creation.

His toys are easily recognised as they all have a burned in stripe in the middle, beautifully chosen colours and unparalleled attention to detail. You can’t help but pick one up and give it a twirl then watch mesmerised as it spins and falls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Jyoti Jadeja
Great first spinning top

We only have a few Mader spinning tops but this one by far is the favourite. My little is two and she’s been loving this one for about 6 months. Putting the top back on is still a challenge but she loves participating in play by pulling the sting herself while I hold the spinning top. The size of the spinning top of great too, perfect for little hands and not as fiddly for the kids. It’s delightful to see my kid enjoy this product so much! There’s nothing quite like a spinning top to keep them engaged. We don’t have a spinning plate and use the spinning top on tiles. It is a bit tough with the grooves on the tiles so we will likely buy a large Mader plate soon. Hope this review helps anyone considering this product. It’s a great addition to the playroom!

Anna Mendoza

Love the power you get with this string spinning top. Little one loves the challenge of getting the lid back on without stopping it too.

Dijana Crook
Super fun!

This spinning top is not only stunning but fun to use. My 2 year old got this for Christmas and his interest in it is still going strong. With my help he can even pull the string to get it spinning. Great for kids in the trajectory schema!

Anna Garven
A chasing game!

Oh love this spins so long and it's a fun game to chase after it and see if you can catch it before it stops spinning!

Jeniffer Samaco
Perfect for a first Mader

This is our first order of Mader and the kids love them. My 4yo enjoyed trying them in different surfaces. However he likes the wooden plate the most. He brought it with him at daycare to share with friends too. Our 18mo likes chasing them and watching us play. I played too once they’re in bed ;-)


My son loves it and has already mastered the string! He loves practising with it every day and it is the perfect starter spinning top.

Kathryn Haisman
Truly LOVED by our 3yo & 1.5yo!

Our 3yo and 1.5yo LOVE playing with this spinning top! We have quite a few different Mader spinning tops from OWA but this is definitely their favourite, I myself and very impressed with this very good quality product! A must have!

So beautiful

Bought this for my niece in the hope she would find joy with it! So beautifully made.

So much fun!

What an excellent first spinning top. My 4 and nearly 3 year old love it! They love being able to have something that works for them.

catherine Gablonski Ji

Such a beautiful spinner.