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Waldorf Family shipment just landed
Waldorf Family shipment just landed

Mader Half Hollow Wooden Egg


The Mader Half Hollow Wooden Egg is craftmanship at its best - something very special to be appreciated. Only Klaus Mader himself is able to create the half hollow wooden eggs. The egg screws in half to reveal one side of the egg is hollow and can accommodate small toys and trinkets - a perfect alternative to chocolate eggs at Easter time, and something which can be used time and time again, becoming a meaningful family tradition to be passed on through the years. 

Dimensions: Diameter 10 cm.

Colour: Mader Half Hollow Wooden Egg comes in 5 different colour combinations. Choose between Striped (mixed coloured), Fire (red), Grass (green), Lavender (purple), Ice (blue) in the drop down menu.

Materials: Natural maple wood, fine-polished.

Age: 6 Months+

Made in Austria.

*other items not included, for illustrative purposes only.  

To see an overview of the different spinning tops and difficulty levels click here.

Mader Kreiselmanufaktur was founded in 1991 by Klaus Mader, a very skilled carpenter with a love for handcrafted wooden toys. He has a small but mighty workshop found in the foothills of the Austrian Alps which hand makes not only traditional spinning tops but also skipping ropes, kaleidoscopes and yo-yos. Each spinning top is painstakingly made by hand, often by Klaus himself, out of locally sourced wood with some tops requiring up to 20 different stages such as wood turning, burning, embossing, carving, brushing, painting and varnishing. One can’t help but admire the attention to detail in every creation.

His toys are easily recognised as they all have a burned in stripe in the middle, beautifully chosen colours and unparalleled attention to detail. You can’t help but pick one up and give it a twirl then watch mesmerised as it spins and falls.

Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous Easter Gift

We bought these eggs to go with our Ostheimer animals for Easter. They are so beautiful in real life. Absolutely amazing. Cannot wait for Easter to gift them. 😍

Wooden egg

The best! Was a lovely surprise to how much room is inside the egg to stash goodies

Naomi Page
Mader Egg

I bought the blue mader egg. The colouring is gorgeous like all mader products. The egg is heavier than expected but fits less inside than I hoped, though I found a grimms large ring fits the inside diameter perfectly. I was surprised to find that it rattles as well. My 14month old likes to try to put the top on the bottom but isn’t quite able to open or close it on his own. He does like the challenge though! I think this is something that he will grow into.

Dijana Crook
Adorable hideaway

My 2 year old loves hiding his Grapat mandalas in this egg and asking me “what’s inside?” Fantastic for discovering many ways to play!

Beautiful quality egg

Amazing craftsmanship, this wooden egg is fantastic for storing little trinkets. Good practice for my toddler to learn to unscrew things. A treasured piece for many years to come.


We now use ours when the tooth fairy visits!

Sharon Hoisser
Beautiful wooden egg

This egg is beautifully made. The colours are gorgeous and it feels lovely in your hand. This is something that will become a treasured family heirloom.

Easter treat

I purchased the coloured striped and am so grateful I managed to purchase one in time for easter. It is such a solid, delightful piece. I didn’t realise it rattled aswell! And it fits a little predan bunny perfectly. Only regret is not buying a second at the same time so my kids could have one each. Highly recommend this beautiful mader piece.

Beautiful Easter keepsake

This looked amazing on our Easter nature table and provided heaps of fun play, it is even more beautiful in real life!

Anna Sanderson
Baby’s first Easter Gift

A beautiful heirloom piece! This special egg will journey through our little girl’s childhood with her. It’s a beautiful decoration, a rattle, a roller and secret compartment!