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Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM Adelaide time
Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM

Grimm's Pebbles River


Building, stacking and finding just the right balance with these organic, round stone shapes is challenging and fun. Enrich small worlds of your own creation: add to a river, make a cave, present a stony landscape or build a cairn. Perfect in combination with our Elements: Fire, Water and Earth. 4 pieces in shades of blue. 

Materials: lime wood, non-toxic water based color stain. Size: H = 2,5cm, L = 6-12cm.

Recommended Age 12+ months

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design from the Swabian Alp is one of the most outstanding German wooden toy manufacturers. As a family-owned company they develop, manufacture and sell wooden toys since 1978. Grimm’s intend is to design toys, whose simple and reduced design together with beautiful colouring, and inviting surface feel are well suited for all ages - products that are played with over and over again. 

Committed to the pedagogical guidelines of Montessori and Waldorf pedagogy, Grimm’s offer open-ended toys made of sustainable sourced wood for both children and adults. Their natural toys are not only well renowned in Europe and used extensively in many kindergartens and by speech and occupational therapists to improve and extend general didactics, fine motor skills and mathematical reasoning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Caitlin McCarthy
So special! And smooth!

I'm so pleased with this purchase! Very high quality materials used, aesthetically beautiful and super functional. The colours are spectacular and the feel of them is almost addictive - it's hard to stop playing with them! I can't wait to give the pebbles as a gift later this month. I know the family I'm buying for would one day like to collect the whole set. Thank you 😊

Chantal Morley
Amazing pebbles

I can’t rave about these pebbles enough!! My daughter never enjoyed stacking blocks but has an obsession with trying to stack river rocks, so when I saw these were still in stock after the last restock I had to try them out. Best purchase ever!! I can’t wait to be able to buy them in different colours as my daughter loves stacking these pebbles in different complex ways that you wouldn’t expect of a 22 month old. I love that they’re smooth, easy to handle, with gorgeous hues that still allow the natural grain to be visible underneath.

Jennifer Leong
Amazing colour and quality

We only managed to score two out of the four colours we wanted during the last restock. These are amazing weight and they stack so nicely. The colours are so beautiful together too. Safe paint so I dont worry when bub tries to chew on them, she’s currently teething. You pay for the product’s quality!
Can’t wait to get the fire and moss coloured ones to complete our collection!

Just beautiful!

This is our second set and we are addicted!! The colours are just perfect. We also own the green set too and want the red ones next.

Molly Baker

These look beautiful on the shelf and are really inviting for children
My girls (1&3) love to stack them with our other pebbles, use them for animal water and ponds, add them to castles to make frozen palaces and so much more

Katee Grover
Lovely stacking stones

Beauitful colours, goes well with the green and red set as well.

Christina Carson
Outstanding service

Amazing customer service, really quick delivery and beautiful open ended toys.
My little one loves the pebbles and uses them in many different ways.

Perfect Baby Toys!

These are so tactile and beautiful! Our 8 month old loves turning them over and over, knocking down the stack and moving them around her space. They look so real and I look forward to using them in future small worlds!

Kylie Harris
Beautiful colours

Beautiful colours, great quality!!! Very happy with our purchase 💙

Ashta Hockings

My 9mth old has absolutely taken to these!! These are her first Grimm's products and she has loved stacking them and crashing them down. I'm looking forward to seeing all the wonderful ways she will play with these pebbles as she grows and develops. Fabulous product!!