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Lyra Groove Triple One 3 in 1 (Colour Pencil Watercolour and Wax Crayon)

by Lyra
Available soon

A 3 in 1 product - watercolour pencil coloured pencil and wax crayon all in one product. Chunky 15mm pencil with brilliant colour easy to blend water soluble extra thick break-resistant lead ergonomic natural grip-zone and off set slide guards for thumb index and middle fingers to support an optimal grip.

Quickly becomes a favorite with children for both its versatility and the soft creamy texture and control of colour. Made from PEFC certified wood from consciously managed private and community forests. 

Recommended Age: 3+

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Best crayons

We have only used them once but so far my 4 year old LOVES them. She said she loves the colours and she looked so at ease colouring with them. Wish we had more colours! Beautiful chunky vibrant. Looking forward to using them with water next.


Such creamy and easy colour, work really well for my little one who presses gently and normal pencils hardly show up. Adding water to use as a watercolour works really well, we are having fun using both methods in one drawing (eg a blended watercolour sky over pencil drawn animals). Lovely size and shape for encouraging tripod grip in small hands.

Seriously the coolest pencils ever

Love these so much! I bought the small box for my 2 year old and they are perfect for his fingers and fine motor skills, but then I had to buy this larger packet because my 8 and 6 year olds loved the so much! The fact you can draw as normal, or add water for mess free painting is actually pure genius!

The best pencils ever!

A couple of little people who were previously reluctant to try writing their name and didn't enjoy drawing are now looking for these pencils every day. The colours are bright and the mix of water colour and wax make the pencils glide so easily on the paper. The dots on the side of these pencils really helped my little ones improve their grip and finger placement when drawing too. We love them and can't wait to get more when back in stock!

Gorgeous. High quality.

These pencils are deliciously creamy. Nothing else compares. They are well worth the price tag. My only advice would be to make sure you buy the pencil sharpener with it as a standard double-barelled sharpener won't fit.

Veronica Williams
Lyra Groove Triple 3 in 1 Colours

My 7 yo nephew and I love these colours. Easy to choose what you want online, order and no problems with delivery.

Rosa Centofanti
Lyra Groove

Beautiful pencils my 3.5yr old daughter loves them great for fine motor learning. Fast delivery thank you AAA +++

Exremely beautiful!

My 2 year old instantly grabbed onto these and started drawing with them. I couldn't keep my hands off them either! Amazing quality and beautiful to hold and look at and draw with. The colours are so vibrant and smooth! I wish I took more notice when I ordered the sharpener as I ordered the wrong hole size for these big gorgeous pencils. I love them and so does my 2 year old! Very gorgeous addition to her art collection. Very impressive!

Katie B
Love these pencils!

I was finding my toddler wasnt pressing hard enough with normal pencils to transfer much pigment to the paper. After researching pencils I came across these. They did not disappoint! They are lovely and thick, so easy to hold and the tip doesnt break. The pigment transfers very easily due to the soft nature of the lead, which is almost like a crayon. Plus you can play around with wetting the tip to make it more like a crayon, or by brushing water over your colours to act like water colour paint. Nice and quick delivery too with a lovely little handwritten note to accompany it.

The best pencils!

My 3 year old loves drawing so I knew I had to get these for her. They did not disappoint! She loved trying them with water and also on their own. These pencils just glide, giving such a rich colour, she doesn't have to press very hard at all. She has tried them on multiple surfaces and they worked well on all (not sure this is a plus, but she loved experimenting with them).
They are worth the price as I can see them lasting for a while.