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We've added lots of NEW goodies!
We've added lots of NEW goodies!

Grunspecht Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree - Large 72 cm


Every design aspect of the Grunspecht Marble Tree is intentional. The glass marbles; the type of wood used (Birch and Maple); the spacing between the petals; the number of petals; the length of the trunk; and even the plant based dyes; all contribute to the final melody. 

The Klangbaum trademark that stands behind every Grunspecht Marble Tree is your guarantee that the Grunspecht Marble Tree adheres to the original design principles. Made in Germany using eco-harvested wood and non-toxic plant based dyes. CE Certified. Trademarked Klangbaum.

The Grunspecht Marble Tree comes with glass marbles. These contribute to the desired harmony and sound of the cascade and make up part of the original design and intention of the designer. Experimenting with different sized marbles and wooden balls will alter the sound with each producing a different melody.

Set the balls in motion one at a time or all together. As they wind down watch and listen as the tree sings with a beautiful melody. The effect of the rhythmical melody is harmonising and calming to the senses. The sounds are soothing and the movement of the marbles are mesmerising to watch. Children play for hours as they become immersed watching and listening to the harmonising effect of the sounds. Both therapeutic and fun. Children will love watching the marble move gently down the tree, bringing each leaf to life with music.

Grunspecht Rainbow Musical Sound Marble Tree Large also fits the following marbles:
Grimm's Small Rainbow Balls 12 pieces
Grimm's Small Pastel Balls 12 pieces
Grimm's Wooden Marbles 35 pieces
Grapat Coloured Wooden Marbles

WARNING: Not for Children under 3 years old. Choking hazard; small parts by design and potentially by misuse.

An overview of the different Marble and Ball Runs available can be found in our blog post The Ultimate Marble Run Play Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Noelene WF
The magic of a musical rainbow!

We can hardly wait - we will see our granddaughter soon to share a cross-border Christmas, and this beautiful musical rainbow tree will be a gift! Knowing that this tree is user-friendly for large balls in addition to the provided marbles is wonderful! Edie's first birthday gift included the Grimm's large rainbow - what beautiful quality and toys that promote imaginative and creative play! Thank you for your passion in promoting learning and exploration!

Wooden Musical Marble Tree

I bought this Marble Tree for my son’s first birthday a year ago, and he loves it still to this day! (Always played with under strict supervision due to the marbles)
He loves the sound of the balls going down the tree, it’s quite relaxing for myself too! This is a great piece and enjoyed by visitors too, would recommend- great quality, a special gift that will last a long time!

Elizabeth Mathews
You need this

I facilitate a lively school-based playgroup each week and purchased this beautiful resource for our service. From day one, the Gruenspecht Rainbow Musical Marble Sound Tree immediately captured everyone’s attention and enticed both young and old to explore the magical sounds it created. We experimented with both glass marbles and wooden balls of differing sizes and marvelled at the high and low tones we were able to create. It is sturdy and secure and made to an exceptionally high standard. Initially, I was unsure of the 72cm height but it was just perfect for all my ages and stages. This is definitely one of those resources you didn’t know you needed.

Marble tree

We gifted this marble tree to our baby for her 1st birthday. It’s so much fun and fits the large grimms balls exactly as stated in the description. The colours are beautiful and the sound as the balls go down is very calming. Thank you OWA for another great toy and amazing service

Happy purchaser
Wonderful sounds

We purchased this for our son’s 1st Birthday. Both he and our 3 year old daughter love the sounds and motion and play with it everyday. It also seems to be a favourite with our guests. We use this with Grimm’s small rainbow balls (set of 12) - thanks Oscar’s Wooden Ark for your very helpful videos about which wooden marble sets are compatible with the rainbow tree! And as usual wonderful speedy service from the team at OWA!

Ella Lobarinas
Marble tree

This marble tree is an absolutely stunning piece in any playroom. I can't get enough if the sounds the marbles make when they run down the tree. I just hope my daughter loves it as much as I do when she receives it as her birthday gift.