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We've added lots of NEW goodies!
We've added lots of NEW goodies!

Grimm's Rainbow Large 12 pieces


Grimm's Large Rainbow from Oskar's Wooden Ark is absolutely versatile and a ideal toy even for the smallest. Toddlers stack, sort and build and as the children get older they will use it as a cradle for dolls, as fence for animals, like a tunnel or bridge for vehicles, as house for dwarfs or dolls. The possibilities with one of the world famous Grimm's Wooden Toys Tunnels or Rainbows are endless and it is by far the most open-ended toy you can imagine. It will always be integrated in playing with a lot of fantasy. 

In addition to the fact that it is not only a versatile toy, but also looks a little bit like art. A guaranteed eye-catcher in every house that will last for generations.

Made from precious lime wood and finished with a non-toxic water based color stain. 12 pieces. Size: length 38cm, height 18cm.

Recommended Age 3+ years

Grimm's Large Rainbow is also recommended by »spiel gut«. The "Spiel Gut" seal is one of the most prestigious certifications for children's toys in Germany.

Grimm's world famous large Tunnels and Rainbows from Oskar's Wooden Ark are available in different colours and size options. To provide a better overview we have listed them here for you: Grimm's Rainbow World by Oskar's Wooden Ark.

The Grimm's Rainbow is one of the first items we sold at Oskar's Wooden Ark and it is the inspiration behind the rainbow in our logo. But what exactly is a Grimm's Rainbow? Is it really worth the money? What age group is the Grimm's Rainbow suitable for? How do I play with it? These and many more questions will be answered in "The Ultimate Rainbow Play Guide: How to Play with a Grimm's Rainbow".

Grimm’s Spiel & Holz Design from the Swabian Alp is one of the most outstanding German wooden toy manufacturers. As a family-owned company they develop, manufacture and sell wooden toys since 1978. Grimm’s intend is to design toys, whose simple and reduced design together with beautiful colouring, and inviting surface feel are well suited for all ages - products that are played with over and over again. 

Committed to the pedagogical guidelines of Montessori and Waldorf pedagogy, Grimm’s offer open-ended toys made of sustainable sourced wood for both children and adults. Their natural toys are not only well renowned in Europe and used extensively in many kindergartens and by speech and occupational therapists to improve and extend general didactics, fine motor skills and mathematical reasoning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 215 reviews
Amie hankinson
So much better than I thought

I had the cheap Kmart version that never got played with so I was apprehensive about spending $$ on a new one-
I had heard such amazing things though. Gosh, what a difference! Our rainbow gets played with daily and I love seeing how creative she is

Catherine Crane
Wonderful rainbow

This item is absolutely amazing my grandson loves it the things you can do are never ending and the quality of this product is second to none. Will definitely be buying more from this store

Endless fun

The rainbow was bought as a 2nd birthday gift and was an instant hit with the birthday boy ... and his cousins (7-12yrs), and his aunties, and his grandparents, and his great grandmother!
It's been off the shelf almost daily and has been a rainbow, bear cave, pond, sunset and zoo - just to name a few! We love it

Toni Welch
Best Grimms toy ever

I've waited years to get a Grimms rainbow as I wasn't sure if it was worth the investment. I now wish I'd gotten one much earlier. It gets played with everyday by my girls {5 &1} and myself. There are so many open ended ways to play with it ~ stacking, building, balancing, making a ball run, add in a child's imagination and the possibilities are endless. I can see my girls will be playing with the rainbow for many years to come.

Louise Priestly

This rainbow of opportunities is one of the best toys for all ages. It helps imaginative thinking with clever outcomes

You can never go wrong with Grimms

We began our collection with the medium rainbow when my daughter was 1. However, now at 3 she has discovered the awesome fun of ball runs. We purchased this piece to make more elaborate ball runs and stacking fun, you can never have too many rainbows.

Ivana Anastas
The only store I buy Grimm’s from

I placed my order on Tuesday afternoon and received it the following day (from Adelaide to Melbourne), beautifully packaged with a handwritten note from the vendor. The items themselves are great quality and my daughter plays with them daily.

Used as everything but a rainbow so far !

To an adult, this beautiful toy may just look like a reasonably simple rainbow puzzle to be put together. To a child they are houses, baby beds, castles, towers, a car, a seesaw for teddies and a road for cars - and this is only in three days. A truly clever toy created by people who clearly know the inner workings of a child's mind and how to capture their interest, keep it for extended periods of time and trigger their imaginations. And for a parent it is a true pleasure to watch. I have become an extremely happy onlooker of play, even letting my eldest daughter stay up past her bedtime two nights this week after being caught up in play with her. The rainbow is truly beautiful to look at and a wonderful addition to any bedroom or playroom (or even living room). This is not a toy you will quickly put away before company comes. This is a toy that you leave out proudly for everyone to see. And this is so good because that also means that the toy is always out for the child to see as a 24/7 (well hopefully just a 12 hour, 7 day a week haha) invitation to play. A truly worthwhile investment.

Bianca Lucas
Grimms rainbow

We have now had a Grimms rainbow in our house for a week and there hasnt been a day yet that it has been left on the shelf. My kids are always building towers, horse fence and houses. It looks so good that when my kids go to bed I pack it together and put it on display on our tv cabinet.

Marty Deutschmann

We received this piece last week and it is absolutely stunning! Photos don’t do it justice, the quality and colours need to be seen in real life. The hand written note was a nice touch and I loved that all the packaging was reusable and recyclable. I can’t wait to gift this to my daughter for Xmas. We will definitely be adding more pieces to our collection.