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Regenbogenland from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia

Benno Pecher founded Regenbogenland (engl. rainbowland) in 1980. His background in architecture, his love for wooden toys and the fact that most block sets only contained basic shapes such as cubes, cylinders, cones, triangular prisms and pyramids made him come up with a new idea. He had also noticed that block sets were typically targeted at boys and that most girls weren’t drawn to them and Benno wanted to change this. He set out to create wooden block sets that merged the worlds of art and architecture with the world of wooden toys. He took inspiration from different cultures and ancient architectural styles - Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Hindu amongst others - fairy and mystic tales and incorporated their typical features and shapes in his wooden block sets. 

The results are beautifully made magical block sets that allow children to build and create extraordinary small worlds and story scenes like never seen before. Each block set tells its own story or it can combined with other sets and toys to design and create a more detailed and elaborate story.

Benno has chosen only the best materials and high quality machines to manufacture his exclusive and unique wooden block sets. All of Regenbogenland’s wooden toys are made and cut from beech multiplex panels. Multiplex is a high quality type of veneer plywood that is known for allowing the creation of intricate shapes. Due to the manufacturing process multiplex panels keep their form and hardly ever chip. Premium CNC (computer numerical control) routers cut and carve out the unique shapes of each Regenbogenland block set. All shapes have rounded corners and smooth edges which make them safe for children to play with. Some of the block sets contain shapes that have been decorated with glass gems or acrylic stones and/or whimsical digitally printed designs. All glass gems and acrylic stones are set safely inside the blocks using a non-hazardous silicone glue which is suitable and safe for children. As the stones and gems are glued straight onto wood, they are not see-through. Some shapes contain cut-outs or windows in which children can place loose translucent rainbow stones like a puzzle for decoration.

Regenbogenland’s wooden toys foster creativity, concentration, spacial awareness and fine motor skills in a playful way and support your children to become master builders and dive into the world of play, imagination, forms and colours. The stunning block sets allow your children to escape to foreign countries and cultures, live in castles and palaces, fight dragons in forests or caves, make their way through labyrinths or they can just create something beautiful - there are no rules, everything is possible with Regenbogenland.

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