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Olli Ella from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia
Olli Ella from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia

Olli Ella

For Nomads, Homebodies and Small Folk...

Olli Ella's sustainably made homewares, children's products, toys and baskets are inspired by the creativity and childhood nostalgia of two sisters.

Olli Ella was founded by Olivia and Chloe in 2010 while they were running an art gallery. The two sisters were looking for a creative outlet for all their ideas and started sketching, designing and planning products after-hours in the basement of their art gallery. The name Olli Ella is a combination of Olivia’s nickname “Olli” and Chloe’s middle name “Ella”. Even though they started Olli Ella as a side business, they realised very quickly that their products were loved and valued by many families and soon put all their time and effort into Olli Ella and gave up their art gallery.

Image: Olli Ella

Olli Ella from Oskar's Wooden Ark in Australia

From the very beginning Chloe and Olivia have been focused on ethical production. Whenever possible they manufacture their products locally. For some products, like the baskets, they use the skills of talented basket weavers in Asia who have been taught this ancient craft from their elders. Olli Ella’s philosophy is to create products that celebrate play, create a culture that brings families together by bonding during play and nurture child development. Founding Olli Ella has made two of Olivia’s and Chloe’s dreams come true: being able to work together and seeing the joy in children’s eyes when they play with the toys that they designed.


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