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NIC wooden toys - Creamobile and Multi-Race-  Oskar's Wooden Ark Australia
Nic Toys available in Australia from Oskar's Wooden Ark


Welcome to nic's child-friendly world of wooden toys, where little ones are invited to play, learn and live out their imagination and creativity.

The company nic | Spiel und Art GmbH comprises of three brands - nic, Gluckskafer and Walter.

As a traditional wooden toy manufacturer based in southern Germany, nic have been attaching great importance to producing special, sustainable, durable and creative toys for over thirty years. The feel and timeless design of their toys awakens curiosity in the young and in those who are older, stimulating the senses and providing opportunities for connection through play. The range is constantly being carefully developed and supplemented with new innovations.

Image: Simon with nic CEO Gerold Hertenberger, during his visit to Germany in June 2022

Nic Toys available in Australia from Oskar's Wooden Ark

nic use selected woods, mainly beech and maple, from European forests that are certified for sustainable silviculture according to FSC/PEFC standards. In their production, wood waste is collected and energetically recycled. Furthermore, only tested, certified varnishes and paints, mainly water-based, are used, making them ecological and completely harmless to children.

Every toy is produced under the strictest requirements and guidelines. nic's CE-compliant processes, as well as a number of other marks and seals of quality, give you the certainty that you are investing in an outstanding toy that is built to last.

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Creamobil, a classic by nic

Nic Toys Creamobil wooden vehiclesavailable in Australia from Oskar's Wooden Ark

nic's wooden Creamobil vehicles are robust, durable, well thought out and unequalled in quality, functionality and play value.

They have working parts such as rotary knobs and steering handles, which are designed to be used with the left or right hand, and encourage children to learn how to deal with technical details in a purposeful and playful way.

All the vehicles in the Creamobil range can be seamlessly combined with each other, and continuous extension of the range promises fun for many years. Vroom Vroom...

nic Multi-Race in action

Distributed in Australia by Wooden Playroom