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How to use Grimm's Celebration Rings?

How to use Grimm's Celebration Rings?

Have you ever asked yourself the questions: What is a Grimm's Celebration Ring? What is the tradition behind celebration rings? How else can celebration rings be used than just as a birthday ring? Or are interested to see some inspirational setups? If your answer is yes, then you are at the right place! We have spoken with Lisa from about traditions and the way they can be celebrated. Lisa, originally from the Netherlands, now living in Sydney is not only a teacher but also a mum to her 2 year old son Benji. She recently bought her Grimm's Celebration Ring from Oskar's Wooden Ark and is more than happy to share her favorite ways of how she and her family are using their Grimm's celebration ring.

Did you know that we stock over 100 different Grimm's Celebration Stackers at Oskar's Wooden Ark? Wooden celebration rings with 12, 16 or 24 holes. Coloured, natural, white or pink - the variety is endless. Immerse yourself in the world of celebrations and traditions: Grimm's Celebrations.

How to use the Grimms celebration ringAs a birthday celebration ring

When my son was born, I wanted to create a new family tradition around birthdays and other significant days in our lives. I wanted to create something that made him understand that we celebrate people, occasions and festivities. Even while some people are far away, or no longer with us, I want to celebrate regardless as if we can be there in person. 

After I did my research, I settled on the Grimms celebration ring. This Waldorf celebration ring is often used in homes and schools in Germany. When we bought our Grimm’s celebration ring from Oskar's Wooden Ark I first wasn’t sure if I should go with the Grimm’s Natural Celebration ring 12 holes or Grimm’s Natural Celebration ring 16 holes. Traditionally the ring will be decorated with little wooden decorations, candles and flowers. When celebrating a birthday, the number of candles correspond to the child’s age. The parent or teacher tells a story of each year of the child before lighting the candle. I ended up choosing the Grimm’s Natural Celebration ring 16 holes as it allows for both candles and figurines once the child get’s older.

I love the birthday tradition as it makes the child feel truly special. We are taking the time to talk and reminisce. Of course, you can alter this tradition in any way it suits you. You could have each family tell their favourite memory of the child. Or let the child speak and ask them to look back at the year they’ve had. Whatever works for you and your family really. The most important thing in my eyes is the time you take for each other.Some people love using the ring for Birthdays only, and make it super special when it comes out. But others might like to use the ring and ornaments more often. Here are some other ideas on how to use the celebration circle…

In small world and bookish play

The little Grimms figurines are perfect to be used in small world play and match so beautifully with the Grapat Nins Tomten. The little trees turn into a forest or the animals into a zoo. The Grimm's moon and star decorations are perfect for a space theme and the Grimm's windmill, car and house create a little village. The options are endless, especially if you combine them with other Grimms’ pieces such as one of the Grimm's rainbows, the Grimm's Stacking Houses or any Grimm's Block Set. The large number of figurines are easy matched with picture books and are great for bookish play too.
Season tables

My favourite thing as a teacher was setting up seasonal tables in the classroom. When autumn came, we collected leaves and pinecones in the forest and laid them oh so carefully on the beautifully dressed table. We would add some gorgeous picture books and photo’s we took during our excursion. During the summer we would change the table and add sand and shells. We added postcards of summer destinations and little figurines playing outside. In spring we would create a little flower garden, and have stunning flower scents in the classroom. The Grimms figures are absolutely perfect to add to those themed tables. There is even Grimm's Four Seasons Assorted Figures set available, so you don’t have to think and search for those perfect pieces as they are curated for you in one little package.The Grimm’s seasonal festivity stand is high on my wish-list. It’s the perfect piece to showcase your gorgeous theme-based set ups.

Fine motor play

My son absolutely loves placing the decorations in the ring and taking them out. Then in again and out. And in and out and in and out. He rearranges them and doesn’t stop babbling while doing this. And even while this seems a simple activity. It is a great fine motor activity and fantastic to practise the pencil grip. So, if you have young children, I suggest that sometimes you just give them the ring and a basket with the decorations and just let them go. Benji’s favourite piece is the Grimm's Pecking Bird. If I’m not watching he will open the drawer, find the little bird and take it with him wherever we go.Story board

This one is really for older, primary school aged, children. And a great activity to increase vocabulary and get the creative juices flowing. This is how I do this with the class: Get one piece of the ring (either 3 or 4 holes depending on your size). Randomly pick the same number of figurines and place them on your holder in your preferred order. Then create a story that includes all items seen on your board.If you ‘play’ this with multiple children you can also let them pick one decorative piece each and make it a progressive story where everyone adds one paragraph. Those stories often end up being really funny with lots of twists and turns.

Table decoration

One piece of the ring has the perfect shape to place above a plate when you’re creating a festive table. One ring caters for four people, so depending on your guest you might need multiple rings, or you choose to do every second plate. Alternatively, you can set up the ring in a ‘swirl’ in the middle of the table and create a centrepiece.We noticed that using the ring as table decoration is often a great conversation starter. For example; the little snowman started a wonderful conversation about everyone’s favourite childhood memory. So, it doesn’t just look pretty, but also makes you talk, listen and learn from each other.

These are the six ways we are currently using our Grimms celebration ring. As you can see, we are using it very often and in various settings. This gorgeous versatile piece can be used in endless different ways and is perfect to bring people together and celebrate all those beautiful moments. You can find some very inspiring ways and photos of how others use their 'Grimms Celebration Rings' in the official Facebook group from Oskar's Wooden Ark: The Wooden Ark Family.

I love to hear what you do with it! 

Love Lisa

Beautiful photos from Lisa - go check out her IG account:

Did you know that we stock over 100 different Grimm's Celebration Stackers at Oskar's Wooden Ark? Wooden celebration rings with 12, 16 or 24 holes. Coloured, natural, white or pink - the variety is endless. Immerse yourself in the world of celebrations and traditions: Grimm's Celebrations.

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