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Launch: ERZI Wooden Playfood this Friday, 22th November
Launch: ERZI Wooden Playfood this Friday, 22th November

Waytoplay Highway 24 pieces Way to Play

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Waytoplay Highway from Oskar's Wooden Ark is the most popular waytoplay set and a great toy for imaginative play. Watch your children create their very own circuits and road maps for their favorite toys and vehicles. The 24 piece set provides an extensive introduction to waytoplay. You can always add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets.

The flexible rubber road is great indoors or outdoors as it can be laid out on almost any surface. This flexible road is also wipe clean perfect.

Features of the waytoplay flexible road Highway - 24 Pieces:

  • Flexible, durable road toy, that measures 376 cm length
  • Includes 12 curves, 8 straights, 2 intersections and 2 roundabouts.
  • Add and expand your road by purchasing additional sets
  • Can be used on almost any surface, inside or outside
  • Easy to connect parts
  • Encourages imaginative play
  • Great to combine with other toys

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Great !

My son got this set for his 2nd birthday, it’s a hit ! He loves it and my 6 year old loves it even more . They have been using it in the shower every day . Very well made and I can see it lasting years and years .

Open ended great fun!

The Way to Play flexible road is so great for the imagination. My 3 year old absolutely loves it and plays with it everywhere. Indoors, on rocks, grass and dirt. It’s very well made and cleans easily.

Perfect addition to our toy collection

We are all enjoying the way to play high way. It is a good starter and I plan to expand with more in future. Quality made and sturdy so the kids can play without breaking or damaging it. 😍

A perfect present

This was the perfect present for my 4yo son birthday. He was asking me for a road to play with all his cars. He didnt have one and he adored this one. He’s always playing with it and making different kinds of roads. It’s super versatile and easy to use!

Loved by whole family

Used everyday by wheels mad little person. Durable, easy use and great for indoors and outdoors. Pack along with 2-4 little cars and kids have fun anywhere. We travel with 10 pieces of ours when going instate or over seas. Fab idea!

What a gift!!!

I came along the Waytoplay set while looking for a kind of durable and ‘all terrain’ cars track for my son’s birthday as he is so into cars, had to get into the waiting list but oh my! It was so worth the wait and every penny spent on it!
I will not forget my son’s face he opened his gift and immediately got so engaged with building this tracks for his cars, even hubby got hooked with this.🤗
This product recommends itself, when friends and family noticed the quality of the product. The Wooden Ark Family put a smile in my son’s face with their beautiful toys and we are thankful for that!!

1st Birthday Success!

My son just turned one, and we decided we were going to invest in a few great toys that would last him for years to come, rather than a bunch of plastic only-for-a-few-months toys. Along with a set of Grimms' blocks, a rainbow and some Grapat Brots, we decided to choose a WayToPlay set. I was a little scared that maybe this choice was too old for him, but I have definitely been proved wrong! Straight away he wanted to get all the road pieces out of the box and was inspecting them thoroughly. We put together a simple road and with a few cars showed him what to do. He already makes car noises thanks to his dad, and so he was off. Cars were driving all over the road complete with sound effects and laughs. Thank you so much for a wonderful toy that will last for years to come. Most of all, I love that the roads can go outside, at the beach and in the bath too. We highly recommend. They're definitely worth the investment!