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SumBlox Building Blocks Home Set 43 Pieces

by SumBlox

Learning through play at its best! Never before has this sentence been more accurate than here. The SumBlox Building Blocks Home Set 43 Pieces from Oskar's Wooden Ark teaches kids mathematics as they play. The higher the number, the taller the block. No matter how you stack them, if the numbers add up, the heights will match.

SumBlox are a multi-sensory maths tool that allows students to visualise the value of numbers through height, making primary maths concepts (addition to fractions) significantly easier to understand and remember. These blocks are made from high quality, solid hardwood and come with lessons and activities that teach through games. It works for Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication, Fractions, adding Fractions and some teachers are even teaching Year 6 Algebra.

Sumblox allow kids to explore and discover maths on their own terms through an engaging hands-on play activity that they already enjoy – playing with blocks.

Sumblox are a math manipulative, building block set, and a discovery toy for any child to naturally learn mathematics and it’s properties through play.

This set includes 43 solid hardwood beech blocks:
+ Ten 1 blocks
+ Four each of the 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 blocks
+ One 10 block
+ One activity card

Our Sumblox are available in three different sets:
Starter Set 27 pieces (perfect for introducing SumBlox at home) 
- Home Set 43 pieces (perfect for everybody who is homeschooling)
- Educational Set 100 pieces (a must have for every teacher, classroom or school)

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Fantastic resource

I’ve wanted to buy a set of these blocks for years and decided to buy them as my daughter is enjoying counting and will soon start learning more symbols. I love the feel and weight of these blocks. I ordered the home set, which has one 10 block, I will order an extra one when available.

Fun for years to come

The number nerd in me was probably much more excited receiving our SumBlox than my daughter (not yet 1) but I can see she will enjoy them for years to come. Currently the larger numbers are beautiful wooden objects for her to explore shape, sound and space. As a mathematics teacher I am looking forward to watching her learn basic number and sum recognition with them as she grows and plays.

Sum blox

Fantastic block set. These are so versatile. I wish I had bought them when my kids were younger.

Clever product

What an incredible product idea. This is going to be such an excellent toy for teaching my kids about numbers. I love that it will be useful to them for a few years as they develop through different learning stages.

Sumblox home set

Incredibly versatile blocks! Purchased for my daughter's 4th birthday and already have been a daily source of beautiful open-ended imaginative play, creative construction and number recognition. I can see these blocks being a hit from ages 1-8 in so many capacities and I'm sure they will be cherished in our growing family through many years


my daughter received Sum Blox for her 3rd birthday and we love that it’s a fun and different way to learn maths. From basic number recognition to addition and multiplication- sum blox will be used for many years to come. Even on the days she doesn’t feel like learning, we use the blocks to build towers and bridges and anything you would use normal blocks for. Truly worth the investment!

Sum blox

What a great product, teaching math, building and recognition of numbers.