Bow and Arrows Set Small

by Treasures From Jennifer

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The Small Bow and Arrows Set from Oskar’s Wooden Ark is one of those toys the whole family will enjoy. Our safe, durable bows can be used by children as young as 2 years old, while still being a blast for older children (and even parents and grandparents). They were designed to be easy to use and work extremely well featuring a hole through the shaft to guide the arrow. The arrows with felt ball tips to soften impact, and a bungee cord to send the arrows soaring through the air. This is a toy your children will come back to day after day. Jennifer has been making these bows for years maintaining the quality and beauty that our customers have come to expect. 

The bow is made from precious ash hardwood, sanded smooth, and finished all naturally to be comfortable for little hands. The arrows are tipped with wool felt balls, have a notch at the end, and feature lovely painted stripes. You will receive 3 arrows with your bow in a random color arrangement. 

The bow measures 30 cm and the arrows are 30 cm long. Recommended for ages 2+.

You can also extend your collection of Wooden Arrows by purchasing them separately in a pack of 3.

From Jennifer is an outstanding family run business that specialize in all natural and original handmade wooden toys. Everything is usually made to order and crafted with attention to detail, design, and quality. Over the past few years Jennifer and her husband Joseph have fine-tuned their skills in woodworking, painting and sewing in order to be able to offer an amazing collection of toys that perfectly combine learning and playing. Whilst Joe is working hard to craft the pieces in their newly built workshop, Jennifer is responsible for the creative part of their business. Her endless creativity and constant state of inspiration for designing new toys has given parents the opportunity to give their children something that is not only beautiful and fun but is also educational and timeless. 

As the first stockist in Australia, Treasures from Jennifer is the perfect addition to our existing range of high quality wooden toys. Treasures from Jennifer are perfect not only for homeschooling but also for family day care centers, early learning centers and of course for every family who is interested in high quality educational handmade wooden toys that combine fun and learning at the same time. 

Customer Reviews

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Bow and arrow

It’s wonderful simple to use my 4 year old plays with at ease well structured and just a pure delight

So much fun!!

The first day we received the bow and arrows my son was playing all day! I must admit I was really impressed with how quick he learnt! This is such a fun toy whoever comes across it can’t help themselves to pick it up and give it a go. It really is a toy the the whole family can enjoy and have a laugh. Once my youngest son is old enough I’ll defin buy another set so they can shoot arrows at each other! :)

Fun Games here we come

Great product and delivery times. Will be great to watch them play with it.


I purchased this a while back and finally gave it to my 3 year old son at Christmas.
Needless to say it was a hit. After a couple of failed attempts and a little direction from his Daddy, he mastered it in no time. He didn't only amaze himself how far he can shoot the arrow! I will attach some pics of him playing with it on Christmas afternoon. If you're thinking about the bow and arrow - then do it. It is a great indoor/outdoor toy. Excellent fine motor activity. Like all 'From Jennifer' items the quality is second to none. You won't be disappointed.

Great to learn from

Watching my husband teach my almost two year old son how to use this bow and arrow set was one of the cutest things i've ever seen - and he successfully mastered it in such a short space of time. My husband now wants a second one so they can run around shooting eachother with arrows (though I'm not convinced this is a good idea... yet).

Fantastic quality

I was hesitant at first to buy this as I was unsure if it would be too 'old' for my 3 year old, but my partner and I absolutely loved having a go before wrapping it up for Christmas. It has such a smooth finish and the arrows are extra plush and don't hurt at all :)

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