Ostheimer Horse Haflinger

by Ostheimer Wooden Toys

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Ostheimer Horse Haflinger
Height: 12,5 cm

The world around farm life is fascinating for children. They re-create playfully everything they have experienced or heard. Gradually the little toy farm can grow piece by piece, supplemented with houses, stables, trees, fences and other additions.

For more than 7 decades, the German toymakers from Ostheimer Wooden Toys have brought an adorable and lovely image of the world into countless children’s rooms. While our children engage in free imaginative playing they are able to take important steps in their development, they experience the beauty of childhood and gain talents that will strengthen them.

Every Ostheimer Wooden Toy is hand-crafted in Germany. From the draft to the finished product all toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted with non-toxic stain and oiled. This way each of their adorable wooden figures become a unique original made for children’s hands and telling its own story.

Ostheimer Wooden Toys are without doubt the finest wooden toy figures available in the world. This Ostheimer figure is also recommended by »spiel gut«. The "Spiel Gut" seal is one of the most prestigious certifications for children's toys in Germany.

Recommended for children from 3 years.


Customer Reviews

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Oh dear my kids found some of my present stash. Mr 3.5 and Miss 2 took off with this and have been playing with it ever since. Firstly must say that it is a really decent size. Great to hold in little hands. It has good solid legs so stands upright even when miss 2 tries to make it stand (unlike those plastic ones that tend to fall over on her, which leads to tears). Even wiped clean after Miss 2 decided to feed it some of her lunch. Wonderfully smooth, beautiful paintwork and the tail is just so authentic. It really is a peace of art to be kept for decades.


I think this is my favourite ostheimer animal so far. I now need all the horses! I was shocked with how big they are!

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