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Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM

Ostheimer Fox Running

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Ostheimer Fox Running
Height: 4,5 cm

Children love to spot animals living in the nature all around us - little songbirds and ducks, swans and frogs at the nearby pond, or a fox, a rabbit or deer at the edge of the wood. They also know them from many stories and picture books. That's why children are happily making these animals part of their play worlds.

For more than 7 decades, the German toymakers from Ostheimer Wooden Toys have brought an adorable and lovely image of the world into countless children’s rooms. While our children engage in free imaginative playing they are able to take important steps in their development, they experience the beauty of childhood and gain talents that will strengthen them.

Every Ostheimer Wooden Toy is hand-crafted in Germany. From the draft to the finished product all toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted with non-toxic stain and oiled. This way each of their adorable wooden figures become a unique original made for children’s hands and telling its own story.

Ostheimer Wooden Toys are without doubt the finest wooden toy figures available in the world. This Ostheimer figure is also recommended by »spiel gut«. The "Spiel Gut" seal is one of the most prestigious certifications for children's toys in Germany.

Recommended for children from 3 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Delightful little fox

A few days before receiving this, I saw a fox run across our local highway. The shape and likeness of this fox is very life like and obviously well thought out based on observation of actual foxes. It's discoveries like this that make you realise how much thought and care has gone into these animal creations.

High quality

I love reading this classic- Jemima puddle duck- to my children. Thought it would be a special keepsake to get the characters. The Fox is simply beautifully made

Gorgeous little fox

Beautiful, simple, and classic toys for all ages. Lovely and tactile, the perfect addition to our toy collection.

Wooden treasures

In love with this little wooden fox 😊

Cunning fox

Teaching about the cunning fox has never been so easy with this beautiful hand made fox. He is forever being chased away from the ostheimer chickens by the farmer and farmers wife in our small world farm scenes.