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Ostheimer Elephant Female

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Ostheimer Elephant Female
Height: 14,5 cm

A visit to the zoo is a highlight for every child. It is wonderful to watch all the strange animals from such close distance and to learn about their life and origin. New parts of the world open up and make life even more fascinating. The wild animals become part of the imaginative world of our children - and that is, part of their play.

For more than 7 decades, the German toymakers from Ostheimer Wooden Toys have brought an adorable and lovely image of the world into countless children’s rooms. While our children engage in free imaginative playing they are able to take important steps in their development, they experience the beauty of childhood and gain talents that will strengthen them.

Every Ostheimer Wooden Toy is hand-crafted in Germany. From the draft to the finished product all toys pass through many hands while they are designed, sawed out, sanded, rubbed-off, painted with non-toxic stain and oiled. This way each of their adorable wooden figures become a unique original made for children’s hands and telling its own story.

Ostheimer Wooden Toys are without doubt the finest wooden toy figures available in the world.

Recommended for children from 3 years.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Chalette Brown
Amazing craftsmanship

Beautiful handmade works of art for play!
Much bigger than I imagined :)

High quality

Much bigger and more beautiful than I imagined from the pictures. I love the quality of this piece (the detail, the woodgrain, how solid it feels) and my little one now at 2 years old is starting to show more interest in playing with his growing Ostheimer collection (stacking, transporting, practising animal names and sounds).

Aimee Copp
Ostheimer Elephant Female

Great quality. Beautifully made. Very sturdy. One of our favourites.

Love at first sight

As a newcomer to Ostheimer, I went to pickup my first order from Oskar's Wooden Ark and spotted this beauty. Its size, the feel of it in my hands, the beauty of the wood grain and the fact each one is of course hand made and painted meant I couldn't walk away without it! A big hit with the kids and just such a beautiful piece to help start our collection.

Alicia Winn

A stunning piece that everyone needs for their collection :) Great size for all ages.

Veronica Espinosa

This elephant is just amazing. I cannot believe the size of it, it is huge!
Perfect for everyday play