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Mokulock Wooden Building Bricks Tsumiki 56 Pieces


The Mokulock Wooden Building Bricks available from Oskar's Wooden Ark are simply just amazing and certainly something you don’t come across every day. Nearly all of us are familiar with the shape of Duplo as we all at some point have played with the popular interlocking plastic bricks but when unboxing our first delivery of Mokulock Bricks, we were just blown away by the quality of each piece. We couldn’t help but fall in love with the unique feel, smell and look of the natural wood in every single Mokulock brick. A must have addition to any collection because of the many open-ended play possibilities.

Block pieces in Tsumiki are designed to be 8 times bigger compared to regular Mokulock pieces. They are perfect for younger children to start learning interlocking systems and much easier for their small hands. The 56 pieces are perfect to built little towers, figures, houses or just to extend your existing range. 

The box contains 56 pieces of wooden building bricks in Tsumiki size. 40 regular sized and 16 half sized bricks 
enclosed with additional 'eye' stickers to give built figures a more lively look.

Package size: 21,2 cm x 14,3 cm x 5,1 cm
Block size regular: 3,2 cm x 6,4 cm x 2,5 cm
Block size half: 3,2 cm x 3,2 cm x 2,5 cm

Customer Reviews

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My partner and almost 2 year old spent the evening building and creating with it.

My partner’s words “the idea of the being wood is so cool, different, never would have thought about it. They go together easily when building just a single tower or whatever, but once you get more complex it becomes harder for them to connect together. I used a bit of force to build the house.”

I think the quality is great, plus the different colours and types of wood they have been made out of is awesome.

They are a bit smaller than your regular duplo, but big enough to be used for any age.