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Valentine's Day

Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Small 48 cm


The Magic Wood Marble Sounding Small from Oskar's Wooden Ark is a delightful addition to any child's playroom. This beautiful toy is an absolute treat for the senses with stained leaves which expose the wonderful tactile wood surface, and the wonderful auditory experience as the marble plays a different tone as it hits each leaf. Children will love watch the marble gently down the tree, bringing each leaf to life with music.

Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Small fits the following marbles:
Grimm's Wooden Marbles 35 pieces
Grapat Coloured Wooden Marbles

Not only is this Marble Sounding Tree an excellent educational toy helping kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and auditory skills, it is also wonderful fun.

It is also a perfect calming toy for children. Simply release a marble at the top of the tree and watch it roll down the leaves. As it touches each leaf a beautiful sound is created. A truly calming and mesmerizing toy.

For a good sound the Magic Wood Marble Sounding Tree Small is made out of precious eco-friendly white maple wood and hard birch, natural plant dyes and finished with a flax seed oil. It comes with a set of 6 different coloured marbles. Dimensions: 48 cm high, base 15 x 15 cm.

Recommended age 3+ years.

This product contains a small ball which may present a choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years.

An overview of the different Marble and Ball Runs available can be found in our blog post The Ultimate Marble Run Play Guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Beautiful item

Opened parcel and right away Mr 2 spend 1.5hrs happily listening to the music from falling marbles. 3 weeks on not a day has passed without hearing tinkling marbles. Highly recommend for all ages as my Miss 6 and Miss 9 enjoyed this too!

Love it

My 3 kids really enjoy this. Kids age range from 1 to 8 years old. It keeps them entertained. One of the toys that they go back to every so often.

Estelle T
Fantastic addition to the toy room

My 2 & 3yo played with their ‘Rainbow Tree’ as they call it for a good couple of hours when it arrived, and continue to play with it daily.

It has such a beautiful sound and the quality is excellent. Very happy with ours and highly recommend!

Telissa Mason
She loves it!

My little girl has just started to really play independently and this marble tree is her fav. We love watching her figure out where the balls go and then she claps with excitement when she hears the sounds. Thanks owa.

Horsey mum
Beautiful sounding tower

Lovely tower, good height size for under 3’s.
Was tempted to get the larger one so we could put bigger balls down however choose this one and am not disappointed.

I bought this for my one year old nephew, although my three year old, 5year old and 9 year old all enjoyed this! Lovely colours


The sound this makes is beautiful. Can't wait to give it to my daughter for Christmas ☺️

Stephanie QU
Our boy’s favourite

Our boy loves it so much he smiles every time he hears the beautiful sound

Sarah Ward
Sounds of Joy

Although my son is only 11 months so at this time it is more myself using the marble tree than him. The joy it brings brightening up his face with the sounds is pure bliss. It is also helping with his hand and eye coordination watching the marbles go up and down the tree. Love this, and can’t wait until he will be able to use this in the future.

Michelle Harvey
Amazing! Hours of fun for kids and adults

Such a simple toy but such a great purchase for my two year old. It’s beautiful and is played with constantly. Even my ten year old loves it!

Beautiful product

We all love our marble sound tree, our 3yo has played with it every day since we got it, he also likes to pretend it’s a Christmas tree and decorate it!