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Waldorf Family shipment just landed
Waldorf Family shipment just landed

Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles 110 pieces + Ball Run Expansion 84 pieces

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Combine our Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles 110 pieces set with the Ball Run Expansion 84 pieces set and create bigger and even more complex ball runs. The unwritten rule in the world of magnetic tiles is that you can never have enough tiles and our children can confirm this. Together these two sets bring your magnetic tiles construction game to the next level. They include all the tiles and pieces you need to create a massive ball run maze.

The Ball Learn & Grow Run Expansion 84 pieces contains a large variety of half-round tubes in various shapes in different colours and many squares that the half-round tubes safely and easily connect to. The assembly is very straight forward. All you need to make sure is that you hear a little "click" sound when you attached the half-round tube to the square. You can create a full tube by attaching two half-round tubes to two squares, one at each end of the tube. This is especially important when you create a vertical drop or when a ball enters a corner with high speed.

The Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles 110 pieces set contains a large variety of shapes in different colours. It's perfect for building houses, castles, towers, rocket ships, road tracks, animals and all the other creative ideas your children come up with. This set also contains a car base which is a wonderful addition for all vehicle lovers. Buses, ambulances, fire engines,.. your little creators can design and build to their heart's desire. 

Magnetic tiles have many developmental and educational benefits. They foster fine motor skills, independent play, problem solving, language skills, persistence and perseverance as well as STEM skills.  STEM is an approach to development and learning that combines the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The magnets inside our Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles are strong which allows your children to build tall structures and buildings that do not collapse easily. The production process of the  Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles includes ultrasonic welding and the insertion of rivets which secure the magnets safely inside the magnetic tiles. The internal structure also enhances the stability of the magnetic tiles and decreases the chance of breakages. Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles are made from non-toxic ABS plastic that is BPA and phthalate-free and incredibly durable. These vividly coloured magnetic tiles have a beautiful glass-like finish and the little raised lip around the outside makes them less likely to be scratched. The half-round tubes are flexible and won't break when being stepped on.

All our Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles Sets work together and are compatible with all major brands: Picasso Tiles, Connetix Tiles, Magna-Tiles and others magnetic tiles in the same size and with magnets in the same spot.

Our Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles 110 pieces Set includes:

  • 6 large squares 
  • 40 small squares
  • 14 equilateral triangles
  • 14 right-angled triangles 
  • 14 isosceles triangles 
  • 8 half squares
  • 7 windows
  • 6 hollow squares
  • 1 car

Our Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles Ball Run Expansion 84 pieces Set includes:

  • 32 Squares
  • 10 U shapes
  • 10 corners
  • 10 short straights
  • 6 long straights
  • 10 slides
  • 2 super bowls
  • 1 wave
  • 3 balls 
  • Instruction booklet 
Recommended Age: 3+ Warning. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Choking hazard due to small parts.  
An overview of the different Marble and Ball Runs available can be found in our blog post The Ultimate Marble Run Play Guide.

Please notePhotos / Video: 1-7 have been created using only one Learn & Grow Magnetic Ball Run Expansion Set. Photos / Videos: 8-17 have been created with multiple Learn & Grow Magnetic Tile sets which not only shows the strength of the magnets but also gives you an example of the complexity of what a family can build when they work as a team.  

Magnetic tiles and the magnetic ball run expansion are Learn & Grow Toys’ first products which have been created with lots of love and experience and under close supervision of the production process making sure children and parents get to play and learn with a high quality product. Building and creating with Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles fosters imagination and allows children to work on many skill sets in a playful way: STEM skills, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness. Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles are an open-ended toy which means they can be played with and explored in many different ways. They aren't bound to one form of play. Your children are in charge and they decide how to play with them. Learn & Grow Magnetic Tiles can be used to build structures like castles, car ramps, ball runs, beds for dolls, etc and can add more fun to educational activities such as colour sorting, literacy and numeracy.

Learn & Grow Toys was founded by Brianna, her brother Joshua and their father Allan in 2020. Their love for quality open-ended toys and their aim to create a wide range of beautiful and educational products brought them together. Brianna, Joshua and Allan all have different strengths and skill sets which allow them to focus on different parts of this successful business. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

This is such a fun set, we play with it almost every day! And these reviews are great for ideas on what to try and build too!

Good to have

It was frustrating at the start because the pipe is not stable ,but at the end my son managed to build a big tower

My kids love it!

It is definitely worth every cent! The magnets are no doubt the strongest compared to any other brands available on the market!
The ball run is a bit more advanced for my kids so I usually build it for them and they enjoy watching the ball rolling down. Little miss 2 enjoys making houses with the tiles for her teddies! Love it! Thinking of getting more when they're a bit older :)

kristine Ironfield
An instant hit!

We are yet to open the ball run, but the magnetic tiles are amazing! Our 22mth old loves clipping them together to build a large pile and a long road. Our 4yr old is enjoying experimenting with different designs. The quality is excellent and definitely a worthwhile purchase!

Yoki Fung

Great quality, strong magnets, prompt delivery! We love it so much!

Clare A
Strong Multiuse set

This pack of magnetic tiles and ball run have been such fun. They have provided hours of play so far and we are very impressed with their strength! We had been using cheap department store magnets, which were fine, but after trying these we won't go back. There is so much more that these can do. Highly recommend!

Cheryl Allen

Amazing toy: This toy was really well made and it thoroughly engaged both he 3 and 5 year old.

Marianne Houston
Magnetic tiles n ball run

I haven’t opened them yet still in box I am giving them to my grandson for Christmas I know he is going to love them