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Grimm's Building Set Stairway launch - Monday, 22nd - 9.30 AM

Grapat Seasons Spring


The Grapat Seasons Spring set from Oskar's Wooden Ark is a great first set to add to your toy collection when choosing from the Grapat range. The carefully chosen colours from each season represents the many ways in which the nature of our environment evolves and changes. The combined Nins, rings and coins encourages children to create logical mathematical relationships from sorting and counting the many different shapes and colours of each piece. This simple action strengthens their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination and the many pieces that are included inspire open ended play. 

The Grapat Seasons Spring set includes 3 Nins, 3 Nins with Top Hats, 3 Mates (cups), 9 rings and 9 coins. Nins measure 6cm in height, Mates (cups) measure 5cm in height and coins and rings have a diameter of 4.7 cm.

Recommended Age 12+ months

Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys are from a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya who were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural every day surroundings. They believe that when the toy is somewhat seemingly simplistic and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop a more adventurous and complex activity with it.

Grapat toys are all handmade with love from almost all locally sourced materials and subject to nature making every piece unique. Every part of each toy has been considered from the dimensions of the toy, to the shape or form, the thickness of the wood and the colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Michelle Jones
Spring has sprung

The colours of this pack are divine and are my favourite of the seasons sets. Beautifully vibrant & reflective of the new growth in spring. A lovely travel sized set of open ended parts. Highly recommend.

Mel T
First birthday present

Great first birthday present for a friends beautiful bubba.

Jamie Donohoe
In love with this set!

This is the first Grapat item we have owned and we love it! My 3.5 & 2 year olds have played with this every day since they’ve had it and we’ve since added the winter seasons to our collection. It’s so versatile for their abilities; my freshly turned 2yo loves stacking the rings over the nins, hiding them in the cups and posting the rings and coins in a slot I made in the box whilst my 3yo has been enjoying them in small world play and having them be fairies, mermaids, mummy’s and daddy’s etc. The opportunities they create are endless. I definitely recommend!

Rachel W

Lovely little set for any child who loves open ended play. Have recommended to many friends

Anna Mendoza

Our first Grapat purchase and this does not disappoint. Such a beautiful selection of pieces and gorgeous colours. No doubt these will be loved for many years.

Martha Depasquale
Beautiful product with vibrant colours.

Arrived really fast and was not at all disappointed with the quality – gorgeous colours and woodgrain and the perfect size for my one-year-old’s birthday! Thank you!

Siobhan Christian
Pure delight

This little set is so gorgeous to handle and gaze at. The colours are delicious.

Lovely colours.

Love the variety of shapes and colours in this set.

Sarah Matthews
Grapat Seasons Spring

A beautifully coloured set with a good sample of loose parts that has unlimited opportunity for sorting, stacking, and small world play. The spring colours also match perfectly with the Grimm’s pastel collection!

Grapat seasons spring

Beautiful set, we absolutely love it :-) My daughter (14 months old) is so interested in this set, I will definitely extend further with more grapat items. She loves to hold them, study them, pass them back and forth to me, put them in and out of the box they came in and stack them onto her Grimms stacking tower as well as so much more! I can see so many possibilities with this set for open ended play and to follow her lead with her own ideas.