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🎄Important: Christmas Cut Off Dates 🎄

Grapat 6 Baby Nins

Available soon

The Grapat 6 Baby Nins from Oskar's Wooden Ark are the cutest edition of the wonderfully simple yet classic wooden peg dolls that Grapat are known for. Grapat Baby Nins are smaller than the regular Nins and represent the perfect children or babies within the Nin Family. When combined with Grapat Nins and Adult Nins, they can represent different generations adding an extra element to imaginative play. Each is made from natural materials and following the Waldorf philosophies, have no gender or mood allowing the child to develop their own stories and characters with each Nin encouraging imagination and creativity. They can be used alone or combined with other toys to create miniature worlds, be part of a puzzle, used in mathematical problems, language development or sensory play – the possibilities are endless. 

This Grapat 6 Baby Nins includes 6 Nins in 6 different rainbow colours in their own coconut shell for storage or to be used as a cosy bed and a Grapat gift box. It is recommended for children aged 36 months+. The Grapat Nins measure 4 cm in height.

Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys are from a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya who were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural every day surroundings. They believe that when the toy is somewhat seemingly simplistic and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop a more adventurous and complex activity with it.

Grapat toys are all handmade with love from almost all locally sourced materials and subject to nature making every piece unique. Every part of each toy has been considered from the dimensions of the toy, to the shape or form, the thickness of the wood and the colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gorgeous Wooden Delights

My son loves all things "mummy (or daddy) and baby" so I couldn't resist these baby nins for his 3rd birthday. He was instantly smitten, carrying his green baby nin and mate with him everywhere for days. It's been one of his favourite gifts.

The cutest nins

These are the cutest little nins and the perfect match with the grapat cups with lids. My son loves combining the two and plays with them all day every day

So cute

These are so adorable. They are perfect size as baby nins as my little one loves creating family with his toys and these are the baby and children nins of his families he creates.

A precious addition to our child's play

As our 2 yo daughter heads towards her 3rd birthday she has started to give all her toys babies. When she saw the baby nins her whole face lit up. 'Real babies for my colour friends!'
They are a wonderful rainbow of delight; tiny but well made. We are sp happy with this pur hase and can't wait to add them to our rotation

Hit with toddler and preschooler

These cute little things are were a hit with both my girls (1.5 and 3.5 yrs). The older one loves using them as babies with her wooden dolls while the younger enjoyed posting them and putting them back in their cup. Very highly recommended

Grapat Nins

Highly recommend the Grapat Nins, my children love playing with them & was so surprised that we got the little wooden bowl.

So cute!

We have just purchased these for our toddler and are so impressed with the quality. I love how tiny they are.