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Grapat 2 Nins Adults Dark Wood


The Grapat 2 Nins Adults Dark Wood from Oskar's Wooden Ark are the wonderfully simple yet classic wooden peg dolls that Grapat are known for. Now you can create family adventures with the addition of Adult Nins. These 2 large Nins come painted in black and white, children can decide on their gender, whilst the size difference in comparison to the other Nins sets allows them to explore families and generations. Adult Nins are availabe in both light and dark wood to also explore the concepts of differences in skin tones. Each is made from natural materials and following the Waldorf philosophies, have no gender or mood allowing the child to develop their own stories and characters with each Nin encouraging imagination and creativity. They can be used alone or combined with other toys to create miniature worlds, be part of a puzzle, used in mathematical problems, language development or sensory play – the possibilities are endless. 

This Grapat 2 Nins Adults Dark Wood includes 2 Nins in 2 different with included Grapat gift box. It is recommended for children aged 12 months+. The Grapat Nins measure 10 cm in height.

Casiana and Jordi, the founders of Grapat Wooden Toys are from a small town in the Pyrenean mountains of Catalunya who were inspired by how their daughter played when given the freedom to play with her natural every day surroundings. They believe that when the toy is somewhat seemingly simplistic and given without instructions, it encourages children to develop a more adventurous and complex activity with it.

Grapat toys are all handmade with love from almost all locally sourced materials and subject to nature making every piece unique. Every part of each toy has been considered from the dimensions of the toy, to the shape or form, the thickness of the wood and the colour.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

These are much bigger than I was expecting, my 14MO is just drawn to them. Carries them around and smacks them together. They will be loved for many years

Adult nins

I bought these for my 10 month old. They are much bigger than I expected and he loves hitting them together and carrying them around everywhere. They are the perfect size as he puts everything in his mouth and big enough that I don’t have to be worried about them. Plus they are absolutely stunning.

Adult nins

I was gifted adult nins for Christmas. They are beyond beautiful! Our twin girls (11 months) just love holding them and carrying them around in their play. Perfect for little hands. The colour, texture and smell of the wood is divine. They are perfect for play as we wait to grow into our Grapat Nins Carla set.

OWA take such pride and care in their wooden toys. The packaging and unboxing is an experience in itself. The delivery is efficient. The customer is informed every step of the way. Any questions are always responded to with care and thorough knowledge. I would 100% reccomend OWA to anyone looking for quality toys.

Adult nins

These are fantastic for my 'put everything in my mouth' 21month old little man. They are a beautiful size with endless hours of play.

So cute

Perfect size for a toddler’s little hands.

Delightful toys

The adult nins look even better than the pictures! Very inviting for small hands to play with.